School, visors and dividers between desks: that’s how it goes


In addition to the masks there will be the possibility of using the visor also to meet the needs of students with breathing and hearing loss “. The CTS is evaluating it, Minister of the Lucia Azzolina School during summit at Palazzo Chigi on the reopening of schools in September. In addition, “the possibility of compartmentalizing the benches, with dividers, will also be assessed to ensure greater safety”.

“On the school we are mobilizing resources for over 4 billion”, said Azzolina stressing that “there will be a new allocation of another 330 million for light school construction immediately. The rule contained in the school decree will favor the work giving the mayors the power to intervene “.

The summit was attended by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Paola De Micheli as well as, for local authorities, the number one of the ANCI, Antonio Decaro, and the President of the Conference of the Regions, Stefano Bonaccini, as well as unions – on a war footing – representatives of families and students.

We want to keep the class group together as much as possible, we will give flexible tools to schools to act. ” “We are waiting for construction data from local authorities. Soon we will close the shared guidelines for September “, added Azzolina underlining:” We all agree that the goal of reopening in September is complex, but reachable if we all work together, each for its own part: the country expects with us that the kids go back to school in September ”.

The goal is to bring everyone to school in attendance. With particular attention to the little ones, who suffered most in this period, “said the minister at the opening of the meeting.

The government has listened to and collected the requests of the participants, the Ministry of Education has made it known, and in the next few days, also with the collaboration of the local authorities, which will send updated data on school construction, the guidelines for the school will be closed. will take into account the numerous meetings that have taken place in recent weeks, the discussion with the social partners, the work of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health on safety measures and that of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Education on didactic aspects .

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