School, the return in September? Masks but not Plexiglas. “First test maturity”


Rome, June 10, 2020 – We speak yes school – of the reopening in September and the first test ongraduation exam – in the hearing in the Education and Culture Committee in the Chamber of Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the Technical-scientific committee (Cts) of the Civil Protection.
With a premise: in Italy there have been cases of contagion involving children 4,564 (equal to 1.9%) and mostly from 7 to 17 years old. A large number of these cases were managed at home: one hundred in the hospital and 4 deceased (very young children).

And a consideration, to parry the controversy: “If we had reopened all schools in mid-May, the R with t from 0.67 would have gone to 1 and 33 – underlines Miozzo – The countries that have reopened, like Germany, France and Israel, they saw a few days after the reopening of epidemic outbreaks that forced schools to close again “.

Maturity, first test on June 17th

Miozzo warns: “The first test that will be done is that of the state exams, from June 17th: on this we have set up an important analysis, on the basis of the numbers provided by the ministry, all the assessments were made on the risk level at school: it is a medium-low risk, if integrated it is medium-high “.
So what will the 2020 maturity be like? Masks for all – teachers, students and operators – access forbidden to those who have fever greater than 37.5 (even self-certification is sufficient) or declares to have been in contact with subjects in quarantine or in home isolation, routes divided between entry and exit. It is not necessary to use the gloves (which, moreover, according to WHO are not needed). The disabled, Miozzo continues, can be exempted from presence.
Then there is the theme of distancing: 2 meters between the members of the commission and between the commission and the candidate. “So the student can take off his mask, unless the boy spits.”

Shooting in September: the rules

Three, explained Miozzo, “are the cardinal principles shared by the scientific community: the spacing – for us not less than one meter, but other experiences is also much greater even two meters – the use of the mask, as a defensive and protective barrier and the hygiene of people and environments “. Obviously, if the scenario changes, you are ready to “review, reread and reorientate the indications”.
And since there will be a movement of 9 million students, school operators and families, the advice is:
– differentiate the beginning of the lessons, the entrance and the exit to avoid the gatherings
– minimize the presence of parents and extraneous subjects in schools
– remodel the classrooms to ensure 1 meter of spacing
– favor outdoor spaces
Among the recommendations of the CTS, ensure that pupils wear a mask except those who are up to 6 years old for whom the Committee requests the rinsing of games with specific products.
The expert, on the other hand, did not mention the Plexiglas barriers, the disputed partition that has been discussed in recent days,

The Zangrillo case

The expert of the Cts answers a question on the declaration of the Professor Zangrillo. “The moment when he proposed that phrase ‘clinically non-existent’ was wrong: the message created problems for us. If that definition had made it among health professionals it would have been understood, instead another message passed that we contest not because we are pessimistic but because our job is to give realistic messages “.

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