School, the lines of the Regions: two square meters per student, teachers in the chair, no masks in the classroom


ROME – In the absence, and pending, of the ministerial guidelines for the safe return to school on September 14, the Regions gathered in conference together with the Autonomous Provinces have drawn up a document proposing the return procedures and have sent it, already from a week, to the Ministry of Education.These are the suggested methods: no masks for students during lessons, but only during entry, exit and passage in the corridors. Hence, two square meters of individual space for each pupil. The teachers must remain in the chair, without approaching the desks, during the lesson and during any checks. Furthermore, the recreation will be longer to allow students to relax after having a snack sitting at the desk.



The alternate: interview with the head of the task force who must reinvent the school

During the break you will need to wear a mask. Even the teachers should not be protected in the face during the lesson, rather wear the mask as soon as they finish explaining and, in any case, when they move outside the classroom. Protection will be mandatory for everyone in the classrooms where immunodepressed subjects are found.

“We need more teachers and janitors”

The regional proposal of guidelines provides, again, the mask and a meter of distance between people during the movements ensuring, if possible, different routes for the entry and exit from the buildings. The same Regions ask for more teachers and janitors and write: “The staff is insufficient with respect to the management of wider hours and with a greater need for control and vigilance, especially at entry and exit and when traveling, it is necessary to implement the equipment with particular attention to the staff Ata “. Janitors and administrative staff, in fact.In schools, the Presidents of the Regions still say, the surfaces will have to be sanitized frequently and the teachers themselves will have to disinfect the chair and objects “before giving the class to the next teacher”. The canteens must have an “ad hoc menu”, that is simplified and served in single portions. In the canteens conveyed (meals brought from outside) it will be forbidden to serve, which will instead be allowed in direct canteens. Disinfection of rooms and equipment is foreseen after each use.



Sos of principals for September: “More teachers and janitors or the school will be halved”

Finally, the regional administrations ask for the abolition of distance teaching “both for primary and secondary schools of first and second grade”.

At the forefront is the Veneto of Luca Zaia. The president says: “These guidelines, which are behind the regional prevention departments, seem 90% accepted by the Ministry of Education, even if, to date, we have not had confirmation of the validation. The fellow presidents share my position on the masks, we want to prevent children from inhaling carbon dioxide “. Also for Veneto, 14th September will be the starting date (with closure on 8th June 2021). “We, instead of summer camps, would have reopened the schools for a month, but this topic has never been pursued.



The principal of the Viscontino of Rome: “We need more teachers immediately, or the school will be halved in September”

The Mayor of Treviso: “Delays on the works”

The mayor of Treviso and president of Anci Veneto, Mario Conte, said he was worried about the uncertainty about school construction works: “The mayors are extraordinary commissioners, but to date we have no certainty either of the funds or of the guidelines. And this situation is worrying because to bring the children back to school there wait for a summer of work and reorganization, we have very short time to do homework. We cannot think of providing resources and guidelines always with last minute operations “.

The Ministry of Education confirms that it has received regional mails together with those of municipalities, families, students and trade unions. The final summary is expected by next Tuesday.

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