School, strike of teachers and Ata staff. Trade unions: “Security and extraordinary measures”. also committees of parents in the square


“More security and extraordinary measures”. It is this slogan of the school strike called by confederal organizations, Flc Cgil, Cisl School, Uil, Snals is Gild for Monday 8 June: teachers and Ata staff may therefore not carry out the last day of class with distance learning. A protest announced a few days ago and staged despite the invitation to revoke the strike by the Guarantee Commission which referred to the violation of a legal notice which must be at least 15 days. An indication that according to the unions would come to an end as schools are closed.

Not even the School decree, approved Saturday after a river session due to the obstructionism of the center right, convinced the unions to take a step back. Rather. “The provision definitively approved by the Chamber will not serve to decrease the rampant number of precarious workers, which is about to reach 200 thousand, nor to start and streamline the insolvency procedures, whose times are announced as biblical as usual “, says Rino Di Meglio, national coordinator of the Teachers’ Guild.

Unions with this protest claim adequate economic resources, to allow a necessary strengthening of the staff, both for teaching staff and ATA staff; strict compliance with the maximum ceiling of twenty pupils per class in the presence of children with disabilities; full functionality to school offices, ensuring surveillance and strict application of security and anti-contagion measures in all the complexes and in each single floor of the buildings; permanent employment from September 1st, drawing on the ranking for staff titles with at least three years of service; the issuance of the notice of a competition reserved for DSGA reserved for administrative assistants acting with at least three years of service on the profile without the specific educational qualification.

This all adds up to failure to implement commitments which would have allowed many precarious workers with at least three years of service to stabilize the employment relationship as early as next September, just as there is no certainty as to the resources to be allocated for the renewal of the Contract for the three-year period 2019-21.

“The precarious situation is dramatically more serious than it appears: from a processing carried out by our precarious department – continues Di Meglio – on the data provided by Ministry of Education for the comparison on the new competitions, it is assumed that, on the basis of the geographical and professional distribution of the current rankings, on more than 60,000 vacancies and vacancies for the placement of secondary school, only 14,500 are the appointments actually achievable. The others are impractical due to lack of ranking, or lack of places for those competition classes where there are still candidates. And it is difficult to believe that these places will be assigned with the so-called ‘fast call’ which would presuppose a massive exodus of teachers from one region to another. ”

The strike, despite being carried out remotely, will follow the rules that provide for the guarantee of essential services therefore final examinations and ballots concerning the terminal classes cannot be interrupted. On the same day, Roman families will also take to the streets behind the sign “Open school“. Thirty-nine associations and parenting committees have organized one protest in several squares and parks in the capital: “We reject the normalization of distance learning and chicken coop classes. We call for the opening of school buildings during extra teaching hours to encourage the recomposition of social relationships, that is, the construction of communities in which children and adolescents are a priority “.

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