School, political reactions. Salvini: “I don’t send my daughter in these conditions”


Matteo Salvini attacking the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina. In the wake of protests by teachers and parents against the guidelines on the resumption of school activity in September, the leader of the League conducted a blitz with other members of his party in front of the Ministry of Education.


“This is not the school we want.” Protests from parents, students and teachers in 60 squares

“There is a minister who is absolutely unable to manage Italian schools – Salvini said during the demonstration – There is no certainty on how to start again and when to start again. The majority would change Minister Azzolina, it is a disaster. I am here as a parent and not as a senator. We would copy from all over Europe where the children are in the class without distance, without a mask and without Plexiglas. I refuse to put my 7 year old daughter in September in a dark class, without teachers and without protections. Minister is also disliked by the majority, they changed him. In all of Europe children go to school, in Italy not. It is madness. “



The school is not there: “Without certainties about the reopening ready to occupy”

On the part of the oppositions, the criticisms addressed to the owner of the MIUR are unanimous. “I like sensible ideas and on school I have seen few sensible ideas in general – says the leader of FdI Giorgia Meloni – Also this fact that Minister Azzolina, like Pontius Pilate, decides to wash his hands completely and to download on the principals choices that the principals do not have the tools to make “.


The school returns to the square to start again. Principles: “Without resources autonomy is not enough”

Of course Italy speaks the group leader in the Chamber Maria Stella Gelmini, former Minister of Education in the Berlusconi era: “From the government we would have expected operational and concrete indications to start the next school year. The school has been coming for terrible months, in which families have been left alone, more than one and a half million boys could not follow the lessons remotely – because a tablet, a pc or a connection was missing – 30% of the peer institutions risk closure. Downstream of this situation, Minister Azzolina should have offered not generic guidelines but proposals precise and shared with the principals, with the parents and with the unions, in order to allow an orderly start of the school year. Instead, it has succeeded in the enterprise of dissatisfying everyone “.

But strong criticisms also come from the unions, starting with the CGIL: “The MIUR arrives late, after months of silence, and makes insufficient proposals to put the school as a priority for the country. The guidelines are not enough, as we asked for in our platform, they serve a strategic investment plan on the school, also based on the use of European funds, and a specific security protocol, “says CGIL confederal secretary Giuseppe Massafra. And from several regional presidents also from the left, as in the case of the governor of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini:” Guidelines inadmissible, I hope a joint agreement will be found. ”

Support for today’s protests also from the deputy of Leu Nicola Fratoianni: “Immediate intervention to reduce pupils by class and then structural interventions to bring the school back to the center of the country system. For this reason, I support the reasons for today’s event. Guidelines without the necessary resources risk being insufficient. Invest at least 10% European funding by education. ”

Also for Green Europe who will take to the square alongside teachers and parents from the owner of the MIUR only “few and confused ideas” have arrived.

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