School plan, the revolt of parents, principals and teachers. “So we’re not there”


Rome, June 24, 2020 – “On the School floor for september we expected some more specific indications, for example on a minimum level of service. Everything is handed over to regional tables made up of many people who will find it difficult to give concrete and operational answers ” Antonello Giannelli, president ofNational association of principals, at 24Mattino on Radio 24 comments on School plan 2020-2021 of the Ministry of Education. The Plan foresees that in September the lessons will extend to Saturday but, Giannelli points out, on Saturday “There are already schools that do it, it is neither a problem nor a solution, what matters is the number of hours of lessons actually delivered. There is no indication of this, from the document I cannot understand if it is possible to make a discount to the number of total hours as long as guaranteed to everyone or not, nothing changes in five or six days “. About autonomy Giannelli specifies that “has never taken off for lack of resources and the freedom of management of the school managers of the staff of the economic and logistic resources, in a clearer way than what has been done in the last twenty years, unfortunately we are not on these two points “.
On Twitter the location of the Lucia Azzolina, which specifies: “Regarding the reopening of the schools in September, the Guidelines will be brought to the Unified Conference tomorrow. I read many interpretations, many wrong. This only helps to fuel the confusion”.

Parents: “Countdown started. Schools open and safe in September”

“We ask for the reopening of the school in September in presence and safety he says Costanza Margiotta of the parenting committee ‘Priority to school’ which for tomorrow has launched a national demonstration in 60 Italian cities to request the reopening of schools in the presence and safety of all schools, from kindergartens to universities, full time -. Now we finally know that the school will reopen on September 14, but we still don’t know how. Now start on countdown: in 70 days the school year starts again and for this reason our cry in the square will be now or never: space for school, space for school. We would like to remind you that on April 18 we wrote a letter to Minister Lucia Azzolina, to which she never replied. Even after the demonstration of May 23 in 19 cities, no signal came from the government. ”

“If it didn’t concern us directly the document would be full of grotesque details public school it is not killed by the covid-19 but by this ministry and this government ” Facebook the same committee “Priority to the School.” Our demonstrations of June 25 become more and more for the reopening of the school and against the guidelines, “writes the committee.” The ministry says it will respect the indications aimed at preventing contagion contained in the Technical document, prepared by the Scientific Technical Committee (CTS) established at the Department of Civil Protection ‘. And it proposes everything we have been fighting against since the end of April “.

CISL leaders: “Indications without depth”

“At the moment it seems that the indications provided are absolutely generic and without the necessary technical depth “ Paola Serafin, which guides school leaders for the Cisl School. “At national level, in fact, the definitions of the behaviors to adopt that are important both as public health measures and as a necessary guarantee of minimum curricula must be clear. School autonomy cannot be invoked as the only tool to deal with the complexity of the situation, school managers and staff can be asked to respond in solitude to the motivated needs of families and to the need to guarantee the service to staff and unchanged resources. “” We believe that the activation of coordination tables at both national and local level is essential and the definition of a clear protocol on distancing, on resources, on the workforce and on the curricular timetable to be guaranteed to families, “he adds.

Ricciardi: “Reopen, but protecting students and teachers”

“That we must reopen schools it is little but safe. But we must be careful, because the risk may be what is happening in Israel, where young people get infected outside the school, on the occasion of gatherings, parties, nightlife, then go to school and contaminate the whole class. Reason why the Israelis now close every single school when a case or an outbreak begins, but it is certainly not that easy “. The director of the National Health Observatory in the Italian Regions said so, Walter Ricciardi, presenting the 2019 Osservasalute report. “We must therefore study appropriate solutions and be ready – added Ricciardi – We must reopen but protecting the health of the teaching staff and students but above all of the parents and grandparents of the children”.

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