School leaders, the all-Italian paradox


The DS 2017 competition was canceled with two twin judgments, issued by the Lazio Tar on 2 July 2019, and in this legal condition it still remains today, despite the Council of State, in accepting the request for suspension made by the MIUR on appeal, have granted with reserve the entry of the winners into the role, to ensure the start of the new school year.

The decision of the CDS is expected next October, which should rule on the confirmation or not of the cancellation of the aforementioned procedure, a determination that could take away from the school about 2000 school managers, hired in the sub sub iudice, generating chaos in the school world .

In March 2020, however, despite the pending judgment before the CDS, the countless appeals pending before the Lazio TAR and the existence of the objective data of the cancellation of the competition in court, the Government and the Minister Azzolina have decided to approve an amendment, extending the list of winners also to the suitable ones, that is, to those who had passed the competition tests, but had not placed themselves usefully to fill the 2,900 places offered.

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So, today the ranking is made up of 3,400 winners (reservists because sub iudice), inclusive of the suitable “rescued”, of which 2045 already placed in the role of school manager.

Why did the Minister Azzolina and the Government all agree to the inclusion of the suitable candidates in the ranking, despite the confirmed illegality of the competition, the pending appeal and the historic cancellation of the procedure?

The judgment on the cancellation of the selection, although not definitive, exists and represents a reality that cannot be ignored for convenience, depending on the scope and content of the decision to be taken!

But the Minister is not of the same opinion, who participated in the Ds 2017 competition, ranking among the winners.

She ruled with an imperial act to extend the title of Vincentes to the suitable, without asking the problem of vertere in clear conflict of interest position! La Azzolina has “healed” untitled positions and no one objected! Unions and political forces have observed the evolution and concretization of the event in religious silence!

It is paradoxical, however, that at the end of the selection, no one was really a winner and it will not be until the issuance of a final judgment by the Administrative Judge, which will rule on the fate of thousands of participants.

About 10 amendments to the DL school 2020 were proposed in April in favor of the applicants of the DS 2017 competition, even if only one has reached the peak of the desired vote in commission referring to the Senate; Minister Azzolina and the government, however, have resolved to reject it with a striking result: 10 votes against 10!

Due to only one lack of consent, thousands of applicants have been mowed and the motivation certainly does not lie in the lack of economic and / or financial coverage as is alleged today.

In fact, the training course, which is the subject of the aforementioned amendment, can be easily financed with charges charged to the same teachers involved in the controversial procedure, which could in part be covered even by using the resources of the Teacher Card.

The amendment was rejected, however, because the political will of Minister Azzolina is missing, who has safeguarded the suitable, but not the “contested applicants”! Maybe because they are considered unworthy?

But who really can be considered deserving after a competition selection canceled due to serious irregularities? In one word: Nobody!

Equity with respect to the preferential treatment reserved for suitable candidates would have meant an acknowledgment of the need and urgency to protect the applicants too, without vacuous and distorted oppositions, moved by partisan interests and by inexpressible judgments regarding the objective position of conflict of the Minister Azzolina. The amendment should have been supported and approved by a government capable of adopting a stable, shareable and coherent policy line.

Government policy must guarantee the legality, transparency and legitimacy of the actions, which are not measured in imbalance and unequal treatment, in defiance of the subjects already affected by the procedure, above all because it has not assessed and measured the real merit of any of the competitors. The applicants suffered a terrible injustice and deserve full refreshment! May 30, 2020

Applicants for School Executives Competition 2017

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