School, general strike on the last day


On the last day of distance school, which is taking place today in most Italian regions, the unions called for a strike by all staff. Flash mobs, events and initiatives are planned throughout Italy, from 11 to 13 also in front of the Ministry of Education.

An emergency strike, and for this reason contested by many, which comes after a long arm wrestling. The drop? Competitions. The failure to agree on the stabilization of precarious workers – the procedure was later approved in the School Decree – is the main reason for this clash that starts from afar and has never seen a truce. The attempt at conciliation, following the proclamation of the state of unrest, took place on 29 May. “Except for updating the rankings of the alternates, we took note of the total absence of specific commitments from the administration”, the negative outcome of the comparison. And so it is a strike, even if with a symbolic value because we are at the end of the lessons and in closed schools.



“Three billion and one hundred thousand teachers to return to class in September”

The five secretaries of CGIL, CISL, UIL, Snals and Gilda will pay the equivalent of one day of joining the strike for civil protection, an indication that has also been given to staff who are not currently on duty and cannot join the mobilization. The slogan? “Starting afresh together, leaving safely. Centrality of the school to make the country grow”.

“The Government should not underestimate today’s strong and legitimate protest from the world of school. Open a serious discussion with the unions now to ensure the safe reopening of schools, strengthening recruitments and investing more resources. The future of the country depends on our school “Tweet the secretary general of the CISL, Annamaria Furlan.

The strike aims to “urge the government to make the necessary choices not only for the reopening in September in maximum safety, but to put the school back at the center of the country’s priorities”, the reasons expressed in recent days by the secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini and by the secretary of the Flc CGIL, Francis Sinopoli. “They need – they explain – immediate resources for extraordinary hiring in order to guarantee the reduction of pupils by class, an objective that concerns not only the distance but the quality of the school. We need investments in construction beyond those already foreseen. Overcoming precariousness in school is at the same time fundamental objective “.



“Crumbs at school. That money is not enough to reopen safely”

The trade unions complain that “proclamations are made on the centrality of education which then – they claim – are not followed by adequate appropriations” and then the failure to stabilize the precarious workers “who for years have contributed fundamentally to the functioning of the Italian school”, and the chicken coop classes “destined to remain so even when school starts again in September”.

Even after the meeting with Prime Minister Conte last Thursday on the resumption of school in September, the unions reiterated their reasons: “In the absence of substantial investments and a truly effective strategy to be put in place, the motivations of the strike“he declares Rino Di Meglio, national guild coordinator.

The secretary of the CISL-School, Maddalena Gissing, insists on the issue of security. “There must be guarantees that no one has given us so far – he says -. The strike has a strong value meaning, the request of the trade unions is for the good of families and students, we ask to think of the school not as a cost center”.

The “Priority to the School” committee, which promoted flash mobs in the Italian squares on 23 May, supports the strike by claiming the requests made by the trade unions, including an extraordinary investment plan for the safe recovery of school activities in presence and adequate economic resources, to allow a necessary strengthening of the workforce.

The crux of the competitions lies in the fact that the unions wanted to start school in September, immediately stabilizing the employment relationship of those who have at least three years of service seniority. Titles and seniority was also the line of Leu and part of the Democratic Party. “Selection on the merits”, the position of the minister Lucia Azzolina carried on until the mediation that came out after a debate-bis in majority with the premier Giuseppe Conte.


School decree, agreement in the night: competition for 32 thousand temporary workers but after the summer. “No to cross quizzes in July”

The extraordinary competition for the 32 thousand precarious middle and high school students will take place, but after the summer (perhaps already in October) and will no longer be done in the cross mode: a written test has been chosen, yet to be defined. In the meantime, the teachers will enter the fixed-term chair directly from the school rankings, which must be updated. And from September 1st they will be available to the school. Passing the written test and, after one year, a facilitated interview will allow the recruitment of alternates in September 2021 with backdating of the one-year contract.

Then there is the issue of resources to be allocated to education – 1.5 billion in the revitalization Decree – which the unions consider insufficient to restart the school safely starting from the coverage of the staff who must take care of the cleaning and sanitation of the environments. The unions also ask for a competition reserved for the administrative assistants acting as DSGA and, as regards the principals, to relieve them from improper responsibilities regarding the maintenance of the buildings.

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