School, double floor for September with visors or plexiglass between the benches


the return to class

In both cases, everything will be done to return to face-to-face teaching after 3 months of online lessons

by Eugenio Bruno

School: yes, competition with exam, judgment returns to elementary school

In both cases, everything will be done to return to face-to-face teaching after 3 months of online lessons

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Double plan for the reopening of schools in September: a soft one focused on sanitation of the premises and on the obligation to wear a mask (or visors) from 6 years upwards, if the infection from Covid-19 remains under control; one more hard hinged on distancing with plexiglass dividers and group lessons, if the pandemic worsens. In both cases, everything will be done to return to face-to-face teaching after 3 months of online lessons.

The maxi-summit at Palazzo Chigi

This is the strategy being studied by the government, according to what emerged on Thursday 4 June during the maxi-summit convened by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte which was attended by about fifty participants. Including ministers Lucia Azzolina (Education) and Paola De Micheli (Infrastructures), the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli and the coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee (CTS) of the ministry of health, Agostino Miozzo. Just as the Chamber confirmed the executive’s trust in the School decree.

The vote of confidence

Start from here. The Montecitorio vote (305 yes and 222 no) took place in the same climate of opposition between the majority and the opposition that had already been seen in the Senate. And that risks lengthening the time for his conversion. Having overcome the stumbling block of confidence, 193 agendas remain to be voted, including 157 of the minority threatening obstructionism. So it is presumable that the final go-ahead arrives only on Saturday 6, just 24 hours after the expiry of the Decree. No news instead on the merits. In addition to postponing the extraordinary competition for 32 thousand precarious workers after the summer, the text replaces the votes with the judgments in the primary school, transforms the mayors and the presidents of the provinces into super commissioners for school construction and sets the legal framework for the maturity in class , which will start on Wednesday 17 June.

The return to class in September

With the teaching activities de visu suspended from March 5, the state exam will necessarily represent a general test in view of September. Also in light of the arguments that emerged yesterday at Palazzo Chigi. The “mantra” of all videoconferencing interventions was that we had to go back to face-to-face lessons for all students. With particular attention for the little ones. In fact, in the event of a resurgence of the virus, the e-learning experimented in these months can only return to good in high school. The words of Conte at the beginning of the session are emblematic: “Distance teaching can be an additional opportunity to enhance the educational offer, but we must certainly return to the presence”. Statements also seasoned by the personal story of those who have a “small boy who is struggling to disconnect from his cell phone”. Minister Azzolina used the same tones both at the first round of the table, when she guaranteed that “there will be a plan on several levels that will follow the trend of the risk of infection”, and at the end of the meeting, when she explained that ” the CTS is also evaluating the possibility of compartmentalizing the desks, with dividers, also to guarantee greater safety ยป.

The findings of local authorities and unions

In the middle there were the many “critical issues” highlighted by the various interlocutors. For example, adequacy of personnel and certainty about resources, as invoked by the Regions and local authorities (“On school buildings, the resources currently available for local authorities amount to 360 million”, underlined the president of the ANCI, Antonio Decaro) or a “new organizational model” of school, as advocated by the unions that took the opportunity to confirm, despite the stop of the Guarantor, the 8 June strike. Not the best viaticum in view of the test of responsibility to which all the leading actors are called from here to September.

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