School decree, is likely to jump. The “cross test” may return for the extraordinary competition


Already since yesterday it was understood that the opposition wanted to obstruct with a considerable number of agendas to vote as today 172 were signed to speak on the declaration of vote on the measure, almost all members of the League and many of the FDI.

This means that, considering 10 minutes each to argue (as provided for by the regulation) and the expiry of the decree scheduled for Sunday, mediation is required to shorten the time.

The Honorable Cow, of the 5 Star Movement, spoke of obstructionism this morning, fearing for the students of the fifth classes of high school an exam that also included the writing, as well as the oral exam. In fact, it is in the Decree that the modalities for carrying out the tests are changed, which have been simplified due to the pandemic.

In addition to the I and II degree state exams, the provision contains the changes to that competition for precarious workers with 36 months of service which was the subject of a heavy political confrontation even within the majority.

We recall, in fact, that the quiz test comprising 80 questions in 80 minutes already banned, had been replaced by a written exam with an open answer concerning topics related to the discipline, methodology, English language. If the deadline of the Decree expires, then the changes to the Competition will be canceled and the tender with the selective test will remain valid.

“If today at this hour we are still here, in the Chamber, talking about school – said Massimiliano Capitanio of the League – it is because it is a topic we care about and the League believes it is a priority to be addressed in Parliament and not on social media network and live broadcasts. The school dl had to be the answer to that invisible people, represented by our children and their families “.

The game, in short, is still open, to shorten the time the rules for Parliament’s sanitization times have been changed, reduced to 40 minutes, compared to the three hours previously adopted. In the next few hours, we will know if that of the opposition was a protest towards the contents of the Decree or a real coup.

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