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Rome, 6 June 2020 – Final go-ahead from the Room to the School decree. 245 votes in favor, 122 against, no abstention. The decree becomes law. The majority forces voted in favor, they have voted against the opposition. The go ahead arrives after about two days of sitting ‘river’, with the obstructionism of FdI and the League and the protests put in place yesterday evening by the League members, who unrolled a banner with the words “Azzolina bocciata” written on it.

The decree regulates the final state exams of the first and second cycle of education, the final assessment of the pupils, the conclusion of the school year 2019/2020 and the start of 2020/2021, the extraordinary bankruptcy procedures for the secondary school of I and II degree. “It is a provision born in full emergency which allows the school year to be closed regularly. Now let’s define the guidelines for September, to bring students back to school in presence and safely, “said the minister Azzolina.

Here is a summary – made known by the Ministry of Education – of Announcements of the School decree e what do you expect.

State exams and final assessment of pupils

The decree contains the regulatory framework for the conduct of the final state exams of the 1st and 2nd cycle and for the final evaluation of the students. Following the coronavirus emergency, specific and simplified measures have been envisaged for this school year. In particular, the 1st cycle state exam coincides with the final evaluation by the class council, which will also take into account a paper delivered and discussed online by the students. While for the second cycle there is only the oral test in attendance. Schools are already operating on the basis of ordinances issued by the Ministry.

Primary school grades, change

Descriptive judgments return to primary school, in place of grades in tenths. The novelty will be reintroduced from the next school year. A subsequent ordinance from the Ministry of Education will give schools all the operational indications.

More protections for pupils with disabilities

The school directors, on the “basis of specific and motivated requests from the families of pupils with disabilities”, taking into account the particularity of this school year, after hearing the Class Councils and acquiring the opinion of the Working Group for the The inclusion of their school will allow “the re-enrollment of the pupil in the same year of course attended in the 2019/2020 school year”. This will make it possible to recover the failure to achieve the didactic and inclusive objectives for autonomy, established in the individualized educational plan. A measure in favor of students with disabilities and their real inclusion.

Privatists, news for those taking the exam in September

Inserted measures in the Senate for private candidates who will have to take the II cycle exam in the supplementary session in September: pending the graduation, they can participate with reserve in the admission tests to the limited number degree courses and to other foreseen tests from universities, institutions of advanced artistic, musical and choreutic training and other post-diploma higher education institutions. They may also participate with reserve in public insolvency procedures, selections and qualification procedures for which a II degree diploma is required.

School building, special powers for mayors

The execution of school building interventions has been speeded up: until 31 December 2020 the Mayors and Presidents of the Provinces and Metropolitan Cities will be able to operate with commissarial powers. Local authorities will therefore have one more tool to act and ensure that interventions can take place quickly and in time to start the next school year.

Precarious, as the extraordinary competition changes

The extraordinary competition for entry to the I and II degree secondary school changes. Teachers who qualify to participate will no longer take a cross test, but a test with open-ended questions, always on the computer. The test will be different for each class of competition. The competition notice, already published in the Official Journal at the end of April, will be modified taking into account the innovations introduced in the Senate. The tests will take place as soon as epidemiological conditions permit. The winners of the competition entered in the role in 2021/2022 who fall within the quota of places destined for the school year 2020/2021 will be recognized the legal effect of the contract, also for the purposes of seniority, from 1 September 2020.

Alternates, the rankings become provincial and digital

The rankings of the alternates will be updated, but also provincialized and digitized. Therefore, the provisions of the December school decree will be implemented, but with an important simplification to ensure the implementation of the new rules in time for the new school year: the Ministry will be able to issue a special Ordinance, instead of moving by regulation. The provincialization will allow to relieve the secretariats of the school institutions: the Ministry’s territorial offices will follow the process and assign the substitutions. The presentation of the questions will then be computerized to cut time and make the process more efficient, also for the benefit of teachers and students. With the new model, substitutes will be assigned more quickly.

At the start the table on the enabling paths

The establishment of a special comparison table is foreseen to start “periodically enabling courses” and clarify the path to become teachers, thus also allowing young graduates to access teaching “characterized by training. appropriate”. The table will be chaired by the Minister.

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