School, Azzolina: “No double shifts or double classes for September”


ROME – After two hours of video conference on the school – fifty-three interlocutors to speak with the Prime Minister -, the minister Lucia Azzolina gives the first summary of his intentions on returning to September. “We considered two options.” The first hypothesizes a contagion “that this summer will be less fast” and the second, instead, an epidemiological situation “that needs to maintain spacing measures”. Depending on the state of the virus, to provide security to the students, “plexiglass panels in the classrooms” and, if necessary, “think of tensile structures and light construction works in the external areas” can be provided. No, I don’t think double shifts, class splits are possible, “added the minister, not accepting the suggestions of the Re-start Committee chaired by Patrizio Bianchi, “I rather look at a remodeling of the hourly unit”. The famous 40 minutes of lessons instead of the hour. For students, instead of masks, “visors can also be used to meet the needs of students with breathing difficulties”.There is no new funding for the school for now. Everyone, municipalities, regions, unions, ask for them and the prime minister at eight in the evening, addressing the education minister, says: “With the lot of money that will come from Europe we will have to make a strong investment in school, university and research”. Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari and president of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, had just explained: “You need double the appropriations so far put in the relaunch decree”. In the Decree there are 1.4 billion euros for the school. Local authorities say at least three billion are needed, like Republic he writes from April 13.



Three billion for school

In the late afternoon video meeting on the restart of the school in September, the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte – listened to by general and sector trade unions, Civil Protection, the ministers Azzolina and De Micheli, the Provinces, the National Association of principals, the Student Forum, representatives of peer schools, associations for the protection of the disabled -, he assured : “The goal is to go back to school all together, in complete safety. We have to get back in the face, look each other in the eyes. At school we all play an important game, we talk about the training course of our kids. The emergency took us Suddenly, it was not possible to organize resilience differently: we had to close schools. We have accomplished several things on resources, but we must always take into account the Cerberus who is called the State accountant “.

“Distortions in distance learning”

Conte focused on distance learning: “We have all learned something in these months of videolessons,” he said, “but there have been distortions. Families were not prepared, some did not have enough electronic devices. This is the future, I have a small son and it is impossible to detach him from his cell phone. Until the whole country has free internet access, however, distance learning will continue to highlight the digital divide that already exists “.Education Minister Lucia Azzolina mentioned the Plan for September, “whose polar star will be security”. He announced that in the next few days the guidelines on the reopening – deriving from the dual indications of the Technical Scientific Committee and the Ministerial Committee – will be closed “then we will send them to the school directors”. Obviously, attention is needed: “In Spain, France, Israel, Germany the virus has returned and we must know what to do even if only one student should get sick”. La Azzolina gave families a decisive role: “They will have to measure the temperature of the children before sending them to school”. Lastly, he wanted to say that in the face of the persistent request for resources, that for the school, “since I swore to date”, he has signed decrees worth four billion.

Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee that has always supported the government in the coronavirus emergency, recalled the low numbers that accompanied the 0-18 age group during the clinical emergency: 3,800 cases, “1.8 per cent of the the entire infected population “, and four deaths” with previous pathologies “. The Maturity, next June 17, “will be a very important experiment to imagine September”.

The minister Paola De Micheli, Transportation, he said he recovered 48 million for school construction. Few things. Mayor Decaro detailed the distance of resources from needs: “Some funding already in the relaunch decree has no specific destination, it is not known if it will go to local authorities or directly to schools. The 360 ​​million allocated for school construction for the twenty-eight thousand buildings on the territory they are not enough: we did a simulation with the mayors and only for this item we need 620. The double. The school buses? In distancing regime we will not be able to bring the same children as before to the door of the institute. childhood, delicate sector, there are 120 thousand children, 13 thousand teachers and 7 thousand auxiliaries: we need norms and resources, we need exceptions to hire fixed-term educational staff and to give annual assignments directly from the municipal rankings. building light buildings in the open areas of the institutes or in private areas “.

“We risk voting in schools and then closing them”

Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia Romagna Region, points out: “Minister Azzolina must speak to the Minister of the Interior, there is a risk that schools will reopen in different regions at the end of summer to get citizens to vote and in October they will close for lack of resources or for the return of the epidemic. In the kindergartens new hires will be necessary and in some realities, in general, we will start the year not with more teachers, but with fewer teachers “.The general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, recalled the strike next Monday: “We are having a late discussion on the school and now we have to run. The funding of education must find solutions shortly, to start the work, for the interior furnishings of the classes and for the need to hire teachers and administrators. We can’t risk schools not reopening in September. ” Annamaria Furlan, secretary of the CISL: “One hundred thousand teachers are needed, so far a serious confrontation with the ministry has not been possible”. Rino Di Meglio, Teachers’ Guild: “You can’t make ministerial guidelines and then say to the schools, think about it, get by.”

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