School, agreement on September 14th. The guidelines: student swabs and prof and 1 meter distance


Screening and random tests for teachers, students and all school operators. Reduction of the interpersonal distance: by one meter between the buccal rhymes, that is, between the heads of the boys, which means that the desks will have to be single but you can put a few more rows as the students turn their backs. And the promise to reassess at the end of August if the use of the mask can be lightened or, at least for elementary school, abolished. It is with these innovations contained in the update of the CTS that the journey to prepare schools for September should begin. The text of the 2020-21 school plan is ready in the state-regions conference for signature. It is the result of a negotiation that lasted for weeks, with the epilogue of the clash with the Regions two days ago. But to block the agreement, at the last minute, also on the date of the beginning of the year on 14 September (only Bolzano will begin on 7), the governor Vincenzo De Luca because he considers it irresponsible to go to the vote on 20 September. So regions and government will meet again next week to finally attempt approval.

The simulation software

Among the measures prepared by the Ministry of Education there is also a computer dashboard, that is, a software on which it is possible to simulate the layout of the classes and understand which ones can be used and which are not. For the rest, the return to school will be a mixture of solutions between shifts, staggered timetables, various creative solutions. The government accepted the regions’ grievances and corrected the draft they had prepared earlier in the week. Volunteers disappear (who will remain in schools to help teachers without replacing them). The option of mixed teaching remains – with distance lessons – but as an extreme solution for high school students but only in cases where any other hypothesis is inapplicable. Each school will have to have a competent doctor, that is, a figure identified with the ASL to call in case of need. Even the reference to Saturday, as a school day to be added in order to complete the timetable if the spaces do not allow other solutions, has been lightened: we speak more generically of a different weekly modulation of the school time.


School in September: mask, online lessons and lunch box. And who has a cough or cold at home. The guidelines
How do you go back to school in September?
September 14

We will return to school on September 14, throughout Italy. The official time, after days of tension between the Regions and the government. The proposal made a few weeks ago by the governors, supported by Minister Lucia Azzolina, who had initially attempted to start lessons earlier this month, was about to be ratified by the State Regions Conference, but at the last minute De Luca opposite to. However, Minister Boccia reassured the governors: There is no turning back on this.

In case of contagion

In case of contagion at school, the person concerned will be isolated and equipped with a mask and sent home. Upon confirmation of the case, the general fiduciary isolation rules apply for the class and those who came into contact with the infected person.

The principals

In the meantime, the principals remained with the president of the National Association Antonello Giannelli who contested the armiamoci and matches of the first drafts of the guidelines: the structure of the guidelines, focusing on the autonomy of the schools, risks, according to the managers, to transform in a downloader: We ask the Ministry to define the essential levels of benefits (such as, for example, the minimum percentage of time spent in school) so that the system remains uniform and reduces the differences between the various geographical areas. Within these constraints which, we repeat, do not serve managers to release themselves from the burden of responsibility, but they serve the country to guarantee the essential service of education, school managers will be able to organize, coordinate, enhance staff through an indispensable alliance with teachers, Ata and families.

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