School, 2020 teaching qualification for all levels and grades: Miur indications updated


How do you get a teaching qualification in school? The MIUR website dedicates a section to this topic, indicating for each grade and school, all the ways to qualify and the reference legislation. The section has been updated with the latest news.

Enabling primary school and kindergarten

L’qualification for teaching in kindergarten and primary school is achieved with:

  • the master’s degree in primary education sciences. This degree is obtained at the end of a five-year single-cycle master’s course, which includes the internship.

NB: also those who have a Master’s Degree or a Socio-Psycho-Pedagogical High School Diploma or an Experimental Diploma with a linguistic orientation achieved within the school year 2001-2002 (DM March 10, 1997) (old legislation).

The legislation is contained in articles 3, 6 and 7 of Ministerial Decree 249 of 10 September 2010, as amended by Ministerial Decree 81 of 25 March 2013.

I and II grade secondary school: how to qualify

The teachers of the secondary school to obtain the teaching qualification have the following options, but only two are usable at the moment:

  • Extraordinary qualifying competition;
  • Extraordinary competition for secondary school;
  • Ordinary competition for secondary school
  • Special Enabling Paths (still to be defined).

Enabling competition and extraordinary competition for secondary school

Last April 28, 2020, the Ministry of Education published i special competition notices for secondary school teachers. There are three ways to qualify with these procedures:

  • win the extraordinary competition (qualification + role);
  • be eligible not winners in the extraordinary competition and pass the qualifying process;
  • participate in the extraordinary enabling procedure and pass it.

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