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Upon Werner’s assist, with his left-handed, and it could not be otherwise. Patrik Schick scores with a precision shot, sharp, and his Leipzig touches the victory, only to be caught up in the final by Paderborn. For the forward a full time on the pitch, alongside Timo Werner. Nagelsmann appreciates it and grants him many opportunities. It will also be for this reason that, asked by, the Czech reaffirmed his will: “I would like to stay in Leipzig: the team, the way we play, the coach, the city, everything adapts to my characteristics “. A declaration of love with a clear recipient: Rome, still owner of her card. PULL AND SPRING – That between Schick and the Giallorossi club is a story that has never completely blossomed. 42 million paid to Sampdoria, the Czech was the largest investment of American property, which now needs to cash out. There is a redemption right, already set at 29 million, in favor of Leipzig (over 3.5 paid for the loan). But the German club, even if it qualifies for the Champions League, continues to waver. Pull the rope, Leipzig, wants a discount, aware of Rome’s need to sell: the intention is to invest no more than 20 million to take Schick outright. Little for Roma, who must collect at least 32.5 to avoid a loss. Then the tug of war continues: the attacker, who also likes it Everton is Tottenham, wants to stay in Germany, Leipzig knows that Rome cannot afford to miss a collection of over 20 million.

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