Say goodbye to photo and video autoplay on Google Photos


Google Photos is one of the best applications ever made by Google, and in these hours the company is working on some interesting functions that are placed within the version 4.53. But, thanks to the application APK teardown, we have the opportunity to discover some features designed to improve the app that Google would already be working on.

Google Photos News 4.53

In the 4.53 version of Google Photos, some strings of code have been found that change the behavior of the application as regards the backup management of images and videos coming from instant messaging applications, and the function of autoplay for videos and photos on the app home screen.

“People are sharing more photos & amp; videos than ever, due to COVID-19. In an effort to conserve internet resources, backup & amp; sync has been turned off for messaging apps. & lt; a href = help:> Learn more & lt; / a> You can change this any time in Settings. “

Google explicitly refers to the possibility of disable backup coming from the download folders of the multimedia files for the instant messaging applications installed on the smartphone. During COVID-19 people are more likely to share photos and videos, which could have a deleterious impact on the storage of their terminal and the space available on Google Photos.

In addition to this feature, the Google development team will allow users to disable autoplay of photos and videos while scrolling in the general timeline of the application. It seems that the function has not been much appreciated by the user base and Google wants to make its users decide for which types of content they want to activate / deactivate autoplay.

Motion photos
Choose what items will automatically play in your photo grid. Recommended for a more seamless experience in the app.
Manage automatic playback in your photo grid
Photo grid playback

Finally, how discovered from Jane Manchun Wong during the classic operations of reverse engineering, you will soon be able to set up your Google Account profile photo from Google Photos.

How to update Google Photos

The update to Google Photos 4.53 is currently being propagated on the Play Store. If you do not yet have the update notification after plugging the badge of the app below, you can proceed with the manual installation of the APK by clicking this APK Mirror link.

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