saved by the carabinieri, to the applause of those present


They understood that they had to intervene immediately. They collected the witnesses’ requests for help and took immediate action to try and save that young man from life. And luckily they did.

Moments of great fear on Wednesday afternoon in Piazza Duca d’Aosta, a stone’s throw from Central Station, where a 22-year-old boy – later reported by an Afghan man who arrived from Switzerland – collapsed on the ground shortly after leaving the railway yard. The young man had an illness, in all likelihood an epileptic attack, and lost consciousness in front of many women and men, between travelers and boys who usually stay in the area.

Many reached the carabinieri of the 3rd Lombardy Regiment, who were there to carry out public order operations, and asked for their help. The military then approached the 22-year-old, who had wide eyes and was unconscious, and tried to help him better. The carabinieri opened his mouth to prevent him from swallowing his tongue and put him on his side pending the arrival of an 118 ambulance.

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After a few endless minutes of great fear, the boy started to respond to the stimuli and was then transported to the Niguarda in yellow code to be subjected to all the necessary checks. The “mission” of the carabinieri ended instead with an applause from all present for a happy ending written on a story that could have a decidedly more tragic conclusion.

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