Maurizio Sarri is preparing to return to follow the team in an official match, more than three months after the beautiful victory against Inter, three months, they are a huge distance, practically more than what usually passes between the end of the championship and the beginning of the same, but with the difference that in between there are friendlies and games useful to give indications.

In this case there have not been and it is totally unknown what will happen tomorrow evening, therefore, the prediction seems to be very, very complicated.

Sarri himself explained it clearly: “I believe that no staff and no team knows where we are. For two very simple reasons: the first is that we are coming from an abnormal stoppage, anomalous in the sense that the players d in the summer they make 30-day breaks and usually make active breaks, there are those who swim, those who play tennis, while this time we are faced with a passive break, in the sense that the players have been on a sofa for 60 days. With small activities carried out at home. So it is such an anomalous situation that it does not give us any certainty about what efficiency can be even given the lack of friendlies. So someone like me can be satisfied with what he saw in training but then the match feedback is different. ”

Sarri’s doubts are also ours, perhaps they could afford to prepare for matches, certainly it starts with a tour de force that will be dangerous and that it is not known how it will be dealt with in terms of conditions.

In the meantime, the certainty comes from the champions, Juventus have many, Cristiano Ronaldo, seeing him seems to be already on the ball, but we await the judgment of the field, for the fans the attack is a certainty, at least remembering the last challenge of the March 8.

Sarri enjoys his champions, even if there are, at times, difficulties, to make them live together, but perhaps these are the nice choices of the coaches: “Dybala is a phenomenal player. Our tactical difficulty is to make two coexist atypical players at the same time on the field. It is clear that they can make a difference in any action. It is equally clear that from a tactical point of view it is not easy to make them play together. But when two players have these technical and physical qualities they can make the differences. at any time and the rest of the team must be able to adapt, to what they do both in the defensive and offensive phase. It is clear that having the opposing area empty with this solution we have it. But it is a pleasant difficulty “.

Pleasant difficulty, but also certainty that we hope will materialize tomorrow evening, in a challenge without appeal that can lead to play for the first goal of the season.

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