Sarri: ‘Pjanic paid a mental discomfort, with AC Milan all open. On Dybala and Ronaldo … ‘


Maurizio Sarri, Juventus coach, speaks to Sky Sport before the resumption of the season: “Start over with the Italian Cup? I think we are lucky enough to play for three goals, it can allow us to focus motivations on one goal at a time, it can be important and beneficial. The matches against Milan this year have all been difficult, both in the league and in the cup. the result of the first leg does not guarantee us anything, but the suspensions make me think that they will play with a competitive 11, it’s a game with a result still very open “.TEAM – “Ready? Let’s see, at the moment no staff can see it. We are after an anomalous interruption, the players in the summer make interruptions of 30 days and remain active, go on vacation but swim, play tennis …. this time the interruption was passive with the players who for 60 days have been on the sofa with small activities carried out at home. The situation is anomalous and does not give us any certainty about what efficiency can be also due to the lack of friendlies who at the moment are not you could do it. One as I am can be satisfied with what I saw in training but the match feedback is different “.

PINK – “Unfortunately, we have had a large squad this season more on paper than actually. We had 3-4 serious injuries such as those of Demiral, Giorgio, Khedira, who underwent surgery again after that of the summer. last. Some problems with Rabiot and Ramsey. We had to face matches with a normal squad even if our potential squad is large and of a high standard. ”

DYBALA-RONALDO – “Dybala is a phenomenal player. Our difficulty from a tactical point of view is only to make two atypical players coexist at the same time on the field. It is clear that they can make a difference in any action but it is equally clear that from the point of view of tactical order is not easy to make them play together but when two players have these technical and physical qualities they can make a difference at any time. The rest of the team must be able to adapt to what these two are doing in the offensive and defensive phase. the empty area of ​​the opponent is empty but it is a pleasant difficulty “. PJANIC- “I found him much better than when we stopped the season. I talked to him a lot because he is an extraordinary player and cannot afford to have 4-5 games under standard as he had lately. He agrees with me, he paid a mental discomfort because mentally he went into difficulty after a couple of wrong games and he could not find the strength to react but he must be convinced that he is a great player. A great player can miss a game, as they have always wrong other great players in the past, he may be wrong 1-2, but after he raises his head and does not lose confidence in his means. He agrees with me, it seems to me he has made a good path from a mental point of view. seen very well. ”

SCUDETTO – “With 12 games to play, 13 for Inter, you have to leave all possibilities open. Losing points in this particular phase of the season can be very easy.”

CHAMPIONS – “I’ll ask you a question: ‘Better to play one game after 5 months or one after 14 games in 40 days? I don’t know. I know that a long inactivity is paid but in my experience I tell you that you don’t pay in the first game, it would be a advantage if we were to play three games in a week against Lyon but in the dry game I think there are no big repercussions ”

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