Sarri does not know how to win, a phrase from Allegri reappears and the fans ask themselves: “But were you talking about him?”


History is not made up, history is made, alone and inexorable. Yet the narration of the same does not respect the rules of the passage of time, but those of men: and men often ask questions. Football, on the other hand, is a product of this humanity and it too lives of doubts and uncertainties, like every other aspect of life. And, to date, the people of Juventus are facing a huge one, which perhaps they were not used to: with this team, with this coach, can you reach success? After two lost finals, although the two that they count less, Maurizio Sarri’s Juventus is at a crossroads, with the weight of the past hanging down and exacerbating the difficulties of a tortuous journey. To win and deny any criticism or to lose, by fulfilling what many today call Massimiliano Allegri’s prophecy?A year ago, in fact, when the Livorno technician greeted his black and white family in the press room, he left yet another maxim that – to date – he is trying to interpret. As said, history is not made up, but where man can think badly …In short, there was no recipient to Allegri’s sentences, but today they resonate louder than ever: “In life, in all roles there are categories […] There are managers who win, coaches who win and coaches who never win. Caz … if one never wins there will be a reason? Holy god god … […] Those who win are better than others, like it or not. This is little but sure. Then it is normal … those who lose what do you want them to say? Now I would like to give you an example but I will not do it, otherwise everything will come down “. That example never said, today echoes on deaf ears, with those who wonder if they didn’t really talk about who, shortly thereafter, would take their place. Indeed, the story from outsider di Sarri has not yet been archived as loser, also because in the past twelve months, a trophy has also raised it. Apart from the Europa League, the problem is compounded when you arrive at Juventus, a club that has shown in the last decade that defeat is not contemplated: for this reason, the Scudetto will have perhaps a greater value, in this complex season in which Lazio tries to put the clubs in the wheels. Not to mention the Champions League. The pressure on Sarri will be amplified, also thanks to the rereading of Allegri’s words: the technician has to take off a label he hates, which is not completely truthful, but which continues to circulate when it comes to his career.

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