Sarri and Juve, two distant worlds


TO Sarri the best staff in Serie A has been entrusted, the richest, the most complete. To say the least, the player with the least wins is Ramsey who conquered three cups is three Super Cups in England with Arsenal. But it is not an adequate staff for Sarri’s football. Or, if you like, Sarri is not a football manager for this team. But if a company hires Zeman can’t ask him to play with defense to three or with the attacking midfielder. He has to take the whole package, Zeman and 4-3-3. Juve took Sarri and gave him the Allegri team. Stronger, richer, but which has little to do with Sarri, just as Sarri has little to do with Juve.

The sensational error made by Sarri in Juve

He made a fairly common mistake in his category, he put himself (that is, his skill and his football that many love) in front of everything else. And he went to Juve thinking it was Andrea Agnelli the club president. Another unforgivable mistake. Juve is the president Giampiero Boniperti, it is his thought translated into results that guides and will guide who knows how long the spirit of this team remains. There is no other Juve other than the one that marks the golden book of each season with its name. The game? Of course, of course not, but only if it leads to victory. Otherwise better to use more hasty ways. Sarri did not take Allegri’s bench, which we could consider his opposite, he took half a century of football identical to himself, from Vycpalek to Trapattoni to Lippi to Capello to Conte to Allegri.

The kick of solidity and concreteness. In these fifty years there has been only one coach, before Valdarno, to get out of the furrow of the history of Juve, Gigi Maifredi, and it was the year in which she did not qualify for the cups despite the presence of Roberto Baggio. The defeats in the two cups are perhaps a problem for the club, they are less of a problem for the coach who is certainly more concerned about the team’s non-reaction. Can win the Scudetto, but we are sure that one would remain within him gray area, a corner of poor satisfaction.

Juve, a team not built for Sarri

So far Sarri has tracked a football that Juve does not absorb. He wants the dribble but is forced to deploy Matuidi (what a setter has never been and never will be) to cover his shoulders a Ronaldo. In the thought of the Juventus coach, Matuidi is Ronaldo they are not two players, but only one, because in his football nobody can play only when he has the ball. In Juve, however, this is not the case. Sivori, Platini, Baggio, Zidane, Dybala and now Ronaldo played and they only play with the ball on their feet. Juve had great coaches, the best in Italy, but nobody has ever surpassed the level of their team or the champion on duty, as has happened in Sarri throughout his career. He has always been beyond his team, as in Empoli and Naples. And that is probably his ideal habitat, the best mental condition to enhance his work.

He must structure a staff that depends on his ideas, a team that is the final work of his commitment and not the opposite as happens in Juventus. He is right when he says that winning in the minor leagues is as difficult as in the major ones, but he should ask himself why this happens to him. Empoli and Napoli, his first Serie A teams, played alternating dribble and verticalization. It was he who built them like this. Juve belongs to another way of thinking. If the Scudetto wins, if confirmed, Agnelli and Paratici will have to revolutionize the staff. Otherwise Sarri is useless.

Sarri in the balance, Juve disappointed reflects: the future is at risk

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