Sardinia upside down in the photo from NASA space!


Sardinia upside down pictured from NASA space: there is all the magic of space in the photo taken by ISS orbiting station and published on Instagram profile of NASA. There is Sardinia upside down, together with Corsica, flooded by the sun’s rays, which are reflected on the mountainous regions of the island, on the rare freshwater mirrors, on the Mediterranean Sea and, in the background, at the top, even on the Sahara.

L’intensity of sunlight it depends on the angle of the Sun with respect to the path of the orbit of the space station and to the astronaut’s point of view.

Particularly noticeable are the darker colors due to the Mediterranean climate, in contrast to the lighter ones in the desert areas of the interior of North Africa. Finally, the cloud formations.

But even without technical information this photo remains suggestive and fabulous.

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