Sardinia reopens the routes of ships and planes. Hotels ready for reception at the end of the month



Forte Village opens on June 27 with quick tests (serological and swab) on guests and staff

by Davide Madeddu

Cagliari airport

Forte Village opens on June 27 with quick tests (serological and swab) on guests and staff

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Between contingent places and social distancing, sea and typical cuisine, the “safe” tourist season in Sardinia debuts. After the idea of ​​the health passport has passed since June 3, all those arriving by ship and plane can land on the island. Health protocols will only trigger when a body temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher is recorded. But there is an obligation to register through the form to be sent online to the region or through the “Safe Sardinia” app. A measure to monitor flows and “prepare any health intervention plans”.

In the meantime, however, the accommodation facilities, which have been planning to reopen these days, have adapted. With measures that, rather than restrictive, become “opportunities to improve the service”. And so there cancellation of the morning buffet the way of experiencing breakfast also changes. “We try to grasp the positive aspects of this situation – says Nicola Palomba manager of the Hotel Costa dei Fiori in Santa Margherita di Pula – and of course we will work to offer a high level table service, from breakfast to dinner, following all the prescriptions to ensure the safety of guests and operators “. Also because “this year the number of tourists will be reduced – he argues – and those who come on holiday will only be able to take advantage of the places and the spectacle that nature offers”.

The reopenings at the end of the month

The Abi D’Oru, historic hotel on the Marinella beach in Porto Rotondo will open on June 26. The number of beds decreases (70 rooms out of the 140 available) and the spaces double. Also in this case, as clarified by the general manager Alessandro Convertino, the aim is to “strengthen the quality of services and improve the experience of our guests, so that they can enjoy a peaceful and carefree holiday”. At Petra Segreta (San Pantaleo Olbia) the distancing is natural. The property has 25 rooms, many with private pools, spread over 5 hectares of Mediterranean scrub. In the center, the clubhouse with swimming pool, restaurants and bars overlooking the Maddalena Archipelago. Distancing, sanitation also at the Frades of Porto Cervo.

Double test at Forte Village

Opening at the end of the month, the June 27, to the Forte Village, in southern Sardinia, where the aim is to guarantee a super protected holiday. Starting from the entrance to the reception where there are two tests (rapid and serological swab) and non-invasive for guests and staff. “The tests will be performed by our doctors for free and in extremely fast times, creating the conditions for an environment in the resort that is as safe and secure as possible for you – announces Lorenzo Giannuzzi as CEO and General Manager in a newsletter sent to all contacts. Our protocol, validated by a medical-scientific committee composed of some of the top experts in the sector, will be performed by a team of specialist doctors, available to the structure 24 hours a day, who will use cutting-edge equipment capable of guaranteeing a highest specificity of results “. Not only that, the manager of the facility, which has thalassotherapy with seawater inside, adds: “With a little bit of pride – he argues -, we want to say that our protocol was borrowed by the Bundesliga football teams in Germany and our Serie A “.

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