San Francisco, dismantles the statue of Christopher Columbus Represents “slavery, submission and conquest” – La Stampa


The municipality of San Francisco has removed the statue of Christopher Columbus who in recent weeks had been the target of vandalism by the most radical fringes of the Black Lives Matter movement for which the explorer, to whom the discovery of America is attributed, it is a symbol of oppression of minorities. It was a “necessary step”, said a spokeswoman for the municipality Catherine Stefani, for whom the statue represents “the painful foundations” of the country’s history, “slavery, submission and conquest, all acts that we are called to condemn”.

San Fransicsco, the Municipality dismantles the statue of Christopher Columbus: “It represents the painful foundations of the history of the country”

“The statue was a fictitious and cleaned up version of our history that celebrates man by ignoring the trauma that his actions have caused,” he added. “Removing a statue does not mean erasing history, but demonstrating love for our friends and neighbors who are now feeling hurt, for the communities that have been feeling hurt for centuries,” he concluded.

The Columbus statue in Miami is vandalized

Last week, during demonstrations of the movement returned to the streets after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, suffocated by a police officer during the arrest, a statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston had been beheaded and another in Richmond, in the state of Virginia, it was set on fire and then thrown into the pond in Byrd Park.

In the US many statues of Confederate generals, considered by some symbols of the dark legacy of American slavery, have been removed.

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