Samsung is breaking Google’s terms of use with its Galaxy Wearable: that’s why (video)


Vincenzo Ronca

Samsung has long supported its wearable devices also through the Android app called Galaxy Wearable, the same app it seems to be with violation the terms of service Google he was born in Play Store.

The affair was brought to light by Max Weinbach XDA: trying to set up your account Samsung Pay through the Galaxy Wearable app for his Galaxy Watch Active 2, he noticed that the app forced the installation of the Samsung Pay plugin by taking it from the Samsung servers is bypassing the Play Store completely. This is a significant change from the past and indicates one violation of the Play Store terms of service by Samsung.

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According to Google’s terms, in fact, on the Play Store not there may be a product that yields in turn content available or products completely bypassing the Play Store. This would be the case with Galaxy Wearable, which is also present on the Play Store and provides the Samsung Pay plugin bypassing the Play Store itself.

It is good to point out that Galaxy Wearable is available also on Galaxy Store: we don’t know if it was a trivial mistake by Samsung that will be corrected promptly or if Google instead it will resort to removal Galaxy Wearable from the Play Store, as its terms of use would predict.

Via: 9to5GoogleSource: Max Weinbach (Twitter)

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