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The first Galaxy Fold was a highly controversial device. Launched just over a year ago and immediately withdrawn due to the obvious resistance problems of the first models, it was then relaunched in the autumn, this time without particular hitches, but also without huge changes compared to the first version. To date, several months later, we no longer hear about particular problems, and indeed the buyers of the first Samsung leaflet seem very satisfied. This, combined with the juicy rumor of the past few months, has only increased the hype in view of the presentation of Galaxy Fold 2.

Exit date

In fact, it has been heard for some time now Galaxy Fold 2, which should be presented next August 5. The date has not yet been officially communicated, but various sources still converge on the same period. Among other things, there is talk of a very large event, in which, alongside Fold 2, there should also be Note 20, Tab S7 and Galaxy Watch 2. Obviously, a virtual event that will certainly be broadcast in live streaming. In any case, regardless of the date of presentation, the release on the market would not be expected before late September.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Technical Sheet

Without prejudice to a bit of logical uncertainty, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 data sheet already seems quite well defined.

First the front screen finally widens, which remains very elongated, but still wider than the current model (from 4.6 “). There is talk of a 6.23 “ to resolution 2,267 x 819 pixels, with an aspect ratio therefore more unique than rare: 24.9: 9.

The flexible display also gains space, which should lose the large notch that characterized the first model. It should be a 7.59 ”flexible AMOLED with 120Hz refresh, truly taking the visual experience to another level. Just like on Z Flip, Samsung should employ a layer of Fold 2 as well UTG, an ultra thin glass, which should give a little more strength to an otherwise “plastic” display.

From the hardware point of view, the use of the SoC is practically certain Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, accompanied (probably) by 12/16 GB of RAM and from 256/512 GB of storage. The reduction of storage space should serve to keep costs down a bit, but we will talk about this later.

On the photographic front, Galaxy Fold 2 should borrow a lot from S20. The main sensor should be from 12 megapixels and flanked by a telephoto lens from 64 megapixels and from a wide angle from 16 megapixels. On the front screen, in a small notch, there will be a single camera, while in the folding screen we will find a second front camera, perhaps even with a hole in the display.

The battery should be around 4,500 mAh, a value that is inherently high, but which may not last very long if you use the large folding screen for a long time, moreover at 120Hz. On the other hand, the 45W fast charge should guarantee a rapid refueling.

The hypothesis of the inclusion of an S Pen has also been advanced several times, but it seems that the famous accessory of the Note series has been set aside for Fold 2, perhaps for reasons of space, perhaps due to the question of resistance of the folding display to continuous pressure from the pen.

Samsung Fold 2 price

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 should be a little cheaper than the first model. There is talk of $ 100 less, so nothing that completely rewrites things. The progress made however seems to be important, going to bridge several limits of the previous Fold, At least in theory. The front screen above all, so large that it does not force you to open your smartphone too often. And then also the flexible display itself which is better than the previous model. In addition, we also expect that steps forward have been made regarding the construction quality of the leaflet, which has been criticized in the past.

Galaxy Fold 2 will still remain an elite smartphone. The times are not yet ripe for the leaflets to become mainstream. There has been talk of a possible Fold 2 Lite, or Special Edition, that you can say. There is no reliable information about it, and in any case we don’t think it will be presented together with Fold 2; admitted and not granted that it really arrives.

Finally, regarding the colors, the names have leaked Martian Green is Astro Blue, but there are still no official (or presumed) renders to confirm them. What you find at the beginning of the article is a good reconstruction, but don’t take it for good.

We will, however, update this article should further information emerge from reliable sources.

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