Salvini with the flamethrower against De Luca. And in Mondragone the pro-Matteo banner – Il Tempo appears


They call him from the ex Cirio buildings and the Northern League replies: the visit on Monday

From Mondragone they call, Matteo Salvini responds. The leader of the League has published a photo of one on social networks banner appeared in the windows of the “ex Cirio” buildings, a new outbreak of coronavirus in Campania and a social battleground between the community of Roma and Bulgarian laborers in which the contagion exploded and the Italian residents. “‘Salvini tidy up, it takes the balls’. Sheet that appeared today in Mondragone. Friends, I will put all my constructive efforts to help this community, for too long forgotten by the governor of the PD and left at the mercy of Roma riots and social clashes On Monday at 6 pm I will be in the city, right in the ‘ex Cirio’ buildings “, announces Salvini.

The senator and League leader in a statement shoots zero on the “De Luca clan” defined “completely out of control: a left-wing regional councilor insults and tells me not to go to Mondragone because I would cause damage to the economy. pizza chefs, who because of De Luca did not take away for months, or merchants left alone by the government Pd-5Stelle like those of San Gregorio Armeno. Monday I will be in Campania to talk about work, future, safety, clean lists, health and waste to be disposed of. I leave the jokes about the flamethrower to De Luca and his clan: it’s a pity that he died in Mondragone “.

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