“Salvini to manage crisis? The Bolsonaro de noantri”


Renzi: Salvini to manage crisis? The Bolsonaro de noantri

Salvini to manage this moment? It would have been the Bolsonaro de noantri “. So Matteo Renzi, interviewed by Radio Capital, during Circo Massimo.

“Distance teaching is not enough, let it be said with the utmost esteem for teachers, who in some cases have worked much more than before,” said the former prime minister, underlining, in reference to the request to go back to school: “After that, when I said it, I took insults from all over the world and afterwards we realized that this thing was not so straightforward, but now it is useless to cry over spilled milk”

“Let’s be clear – he added – we must be cautious, attentive to the risk of a second trip, we must therefore be very cautious, but at the same time we must also understand that this country cannot close schools before ski resorts and reopen discos before university”.

As for the general states, “afterwards we need a parliamentary debate, but I would not attack the general states and task forces, I just want this money to be spent well.” There are at stake “the 80 billion that we are taking from our children, everything Conte does to clarify where our money is going is fine”. Then he adds: “It is not only the welfare sector, the subsidies, that billion euro that we put on the construction sites that must be put in place”.

“I don’t care about the polls – he still says – those who only follow the polls are not a politician, but a participant of a reality show”. “In the next regional elections we will have a result well above the polls,” he concludes.

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