“Salvini stole me interview”





Orange vests in Rome, Pappalardo: Salvini stole my interview

Orange vests, it’s up to Rome. After the demonstration of a few days ago in Milan, it is replicated in Piazza del Popolo with the rally of Antonio Pappalardo who harangue hundreds of people from an open pickup truck. As in Piazza del Duomo last week, gatherings and the absence of masks stand out in the Capitoline event.

In Piazza del Popolo, as documented by the La7 cameras, an angular welcome for an envoy of the Tagadà transmission. “Nicola Porro called me for an interview, but Matteo Salvini’s phone call came and stole my interview. It’s a rip-off, Salvini don’t think you can do what he wants. Nobody stops us,” says Pappalardo , forced to deal with an amplification system that makes tantrums: “We don’t have the money others have!”. “They feared that we would come to the square to do cagnara, we came here to vote,” adds Pappalardo. “In Milan they said that the Lombards in the square did not have masks. And I said ‘they love each other’. It is important to re-establish the human relationship, let’s embrace everyone. Can I get the coronavirus? And we see, apparently the virus he’s afraid of me and won’t attack me. ”

“Massimo Ranieri once called me to congratulate me. Then they turned me against Vasco Rossi. I thought he wanted to congratulate me, instead he gave me all the colors. Vasco Rossi, you are better as a singer. And sing …”, he adds.

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