Salvini does like bullies at school: he provokes and is willing to do anything to attract attention


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by Nabil Ras

It is a fact that Matteo Salvini, condemned by that damned Mojito al Papeete, it is sliding slowly (but not too much) towards political nothingness. From that day the surveys show a continuous and constant drop consents. As if that were not enough, after the excellent management of the health emergency in the Veneto region, the breath of Luca Zaia it becomes more and more pressing on the neck of the “green cazzaro”.

The leader of the League this situation is enormously suffering and the communication staff is working at full capacity in search of a turnaround. However, the Captain’s propaganda machine seems to be showing its first signs of obsolescence. The strategies are always the same. In a situation of enormous difficulty, when the empty Salvini’s politician is more evident than ever (the contents it brings can be summarized in “redundancy fund!”), we are looking for the front page of newspapers or sharing on social networks, at any cost.

Here then emerges “over the top” behaviors (to put it mildly). Behaviors that have the aim of providing some of that nectar that is fundamental for Salvini’s political and psychological survival: thecaution.

And here are the behaviors of challenge of the Milanese bully, such as the organization of gatherings in the square or selfies without a mask, without any respect for the rules on social distancing, or the binge of cherries at a press conference.

On the first aspect, newspapers, television programs and social networks have rightly started. Can not be done ignore the behavior of a political leader and former Interior Minister, who endangers the lives of Italian citizens. When playing with the life the condemnation of people must be univocal and must come from everyone, without ifs and buts.


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Salvini: “Can I take off my mask while talking to a lady?”. Floris: “No, if it’s not a meter and a half away”

But what about the “cazzaro” that we have seen binging with cherries while the most dangerous of your opponents, do you recount the drama of the closure of the birth ward of Borgo Trento hospital due to a killer bacterium of children? Although the two behaviors (like many others) have the same hysterical need for attention at the base, the binge of cherries, however reprehensible it does not endanger anyone’s life.

It is simply the Captain’s latest strategy, which in enormous difficulty makes every effort to keep his face on newspapers, televisions and social media. The Salvinian propaganda machine, however, is jammed if it does not find the correspondence of those who have the burden and the honor of making information. Salvini acts with awareness; makes the bully aware of the media support.

The (profitable) error of the media system is to actively participate in Salvini’s game by providing him with a stable guarantee of disclosure to each of his provocation, feeding his insatiable thirst for attention and slowing down the descending parable that is characterizing his political path.

Salvini’s greatest fear, however, is not to be considered insensitive, grotesque or ridiculous but to be ignored. As with the bully that at school he takes it out on the weakest, if you react you play his game, if you ignore him you destroy him. Salvini’s descent into political nothingness has begun and is well underway. Let’s not interfere too much and enjoy the show.

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