Salvini and Meloni, the half hour of fate


“We are ready to collect signatures,” Matteo Salvini said today, trying to give a shoulder to the sanatorium of the laborers wanted by the government and together to refresh the anti-migrant propaganda that in the lockdown period was little more than a blunt weapon. It cannot start tomorrow. In Piazza del Popolo, the center-right demonstration will be little more than a flashmob, waiting between two and three hundred people and a long flag of Italy, half an hour, an hour and then away, all at home.

“It is a month and a half that they keep us discussing on the computer – thundered the Northern League last April 26 – We return to our streets and squares respecting limits and rules, but the future and freedom are in the way”. Giuseppe Conte’s conference on phase two had just ended, and Salvini materialized an instant later on live Facebook to say that “they don’t listen to us or they don’t listen to you. We will also make ourselves see and feel, compositionally, outside of social networks”. Born as a great demonstration to send the government home, some of the well-known internal vicissitudes of the center-right and some change of political mood made it little more than a sit-in in which parliamentarians and party leaders will participate, one scheme that will be replicated in all the regional capitals.

“The truth is that we could not choose not only one way, but also a more wrong moment,” a League colonel explains to Huffpost. The explanation has its own logic: “It is a party and there is a bridge. You don’t have people in the square or anyone waiting for us as the saviors of the homeland. But do we realize that the day after Italy reopens? Everyone is thinking about this, and the sentiment towards the government will not be stable, but on June 2 the whole of Italy will be unconsciously euphoric because the next day you can go back to doing what you haven’t done for three months. ”

The secretary of the Carroccio is a great worry, the loss of the keywords that made him a point of reference for one Italian out of three, the inability to interpret a phase in which the fear of the different and the thief who sneaks in at night Terrible anxiety from Covid-19 took over at home. A loss that cost almost ten percentage points in the polls. “Even if you see – continues the Northern League manager – the concern is that we will not lose those votes in favor of Conte or the Democratic Party, but it is a transfer that plays everything in favor of Meloni”. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia will be in the square together with Antonio Tajani, lieutenant of Silvio Berlusconi who has decided to remain in his French buen retiro, to give the image of a united center-right. But without stages and without rallies, because you can’t. On the other hand, explain by the League, “direct social media will be guaranteed to facilitate the role of the media” and “an ad hoc area for declarations will be set up”, obviously “cordoned off, to avoid gatherings”. No walk along via del Corso to go and lay a wreath of flowers at the Altare della patria, given the obvious institutional programming and the calm quirinal suggestion to postpone.

Just go back to April 26 and the hiatus is evident: “A large number of citizens ask us to organize ourselves, not only online, to make us see and hear”, said Salvini then, who promises that the great event is only postponed for a month, and that really in July. In the League they attribute the transfer of votes (virtual at the moment) to the right-wing ally to the leader’s inability to mix sovereignism with a Bagnaian flavor to the pragmatism of the Georgian rite, and to find an effective synthesis. In short, Salvini has lost his compass, and his internal detractors frame the square on June 2 as a further piece of this loss that is not the first step to get out of the ford.

After the news on the massive recovery fund plan, the flashmob has remained but to convey a confused anti-government message (with the peace of mind of Forza Italia, which among the Northern League parliamentarians is now defined as “more governmental than the Democratic Party”), drawing here and there to the many problems of a social and economic nature that are exhausting the country, but without being able to interpret the malaise that pervades the country effectively.

Salvini cleverly kept well away from the demonstrations that took place in Rome, first from Casapound and then from the orange vests, not following up on winks that in the past have made much discussion. The followers of General Pappalardo promise (or threaten) to return to Piazza del Popolo as a sign of protest, but in the afternoon, in a crooked relay that has something surreal about it. Meanwhile, Salvini resists the drop in the polls and the internal criticisms, aware of being able to capitalize on the serious crisis that will unfold in a few months, returning the interpreter of an alternative for the country, a somewhat lost role in recent weeks . He knows, as Conte well knows, that his future and that of his former ally will take place not before a very hot autumn. In the meantime, there is the square of Rome tomorrow, forecast of 20/22 degrees and a gentle Ponentino to refresh the spring sun.

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