Salvini against De Luca: “Somaro is a poor man, he takes his salary without solving the problems”


Matteo Salvini responded again to Vincenzo De Luca, governor of Campania. War at a distance between the two politicians.

The remote battle between Matteo Salvini and Vincenzo De Luca continues. The leader of the League in live TV with 7Gold has used very harsh words towards the politician from Campania: “A governor who says of another person who is a donkey is a poor fellow, is the same one who during the pandemic spoke of my frame saying it was poop. Now let’s talk about serious things not about who takes a salary without solving the problems of its citizens. “

Salvini’s reply to the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca refers to the fact that he implicitly defined it “genetically pure donkey” for his criticisms of the celebrations of the Napoli fans for the conquest of the Italian Cup against Juventus. Now all that remains is to wait for the reply from the Governor of Campania who will speak live on Facebook starting from 14:45. Certainly new arrows will arrive at the League leader’s address.

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