Saluzzo, the new Mondragone in Piedmont? Immigrant laborers against the government, fear of a new coronavirus outbreak – Libero Quotidiano


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In the heart of the Langhe, a Saluzzo (Cuneo), a small village in the hills and dominated by the Monviso Massif, is about to burst a new Mondragone.
The military is already there On June 18, some people involved in the fruit picking in Saluzzo occupied a roundabout in the center of the city, protesting that they were not satisfied with the meeting with the authorities who asked for accommodation in a reception facility. Citizens meanwhile have fear that the lack of controls can trigger outbreaks of coronavirus infection.

They all are African laborers that come from the Gambia and from Senegal or from southern Italy for the blueberry harvest, we start from that, then we move on to the other seasonal products, so every year, but this year it gets worse because the municipal dormitory has not opened because of the Covid emergency.

“In the agro-food sector of the Saluzzo area, every year, during the harvest season, we workers of the countryside, all immigrants, live in very bad conditions, between informal camps and completely inadequate and highly restrictive emergency reception solutions for the freedoms of those who he lives – reads the statement released by the group – This year, due to anti-Covid measures, even the seasonal reception project managed in the past by the Municipality is not guaranteed “.

They fling themselves into their manifesto, written by social centers, against the government “Even the lives of the laborers count – they continue – and for this reason we want first of all adequate housing structures, in compliance with anti-Covid measures, which, moreover, the government he has been filling his mouth for years now, speaking of anti-vaporized measures and the end of the ghettos “. “We invite all those who want to support us to participate in large numbers, obviously in compliance with anti-Covid measures: masks and distancing”, they conclude.

Mauro Calderoni, mayor of Saluzzo, admits not to do it alone. “It is not fair that local governments are to bear ever higher burdens and risks, the state should take care of it, there are no measures of any kind ».

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