“Russia pays the Taliban to kill NATO soldiers in Afghanistan” – Libero Newspaper


There Russia has provided rewards to Taliban who conducted attacks on American troops stationed in afghanistan, with the aim of killing US military. This is revealed by theintelligence Use, as reported in the New York Times, explaining that the American president Donald Trump and the White House had known about it for months. The article talks about incentives provided by a Russian intelligence unit, 29155, to militants linked to the Taliban to kill soldiers of the American Armed Forces and NATO. In 2019 they have been 17 US military killed in fighting in Afghanistan, according to reports from the US Defense Department. Russian Unit 29155 is made up of former special forces men and is accused of a series of attempted murders in Europe, including the poisoning of the defector Sergei Skripal in 2018. The general was already in 2018 John Nicholson, then commander of US forces in Afghanistan, had accused Russia of “acting against our interests”, citing “the delivery of Russian weapons to the Taliban”. From Moscow violent denial: “False words that undermine the peace process”. Cold War winds getting stronger.

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