Russia “paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and Trump has known this for months”


Cold War Hits. Unit 29155 of the Russian military secret service (Crane) he allegedly offered money to the Taliban to kill western coalition soldiers in Afghanistan last year.

The accusation – serious – comes from US intelligence sources cited by New York Times (here the article in the US newspaper).

However, it is not clear how the contacts took place and not even the forms of payment of the alleged ones sizes. There may have been gods meetings in neutral territory or on the occasion of some travel abroad by emissaries of the movement.

Always according to rumors it seems that in some cases the guerrillas athe reward would be pocketed.

The reconstruction of the New York Times it is contested by the fighters, while a Kremlin spokesman claimed that he had not received any protest from Washington. But on this point the newspaper adds that the reaction from the United States would not have been immediate.

In March the president Trump was briefed, several options were examined – from an official protest to a range of sanctions – but the response remained pending. The White House – some point out – would have no interest in exacerbating the tone with Moscow and would not even open a case while the plan to withdraw from Afghan territory is underway. There is also no certainty as to why Russia decided to mount the operation. An attempt is made to sabotage the negotiationsbut also a retaliation for the killing in Syria in 2018 of numerous Russian mercenaries and government militants by the United States.

There are therefore many shadow areas throughout the story, additional elements are needed to decipher it.

We are in the election campaign, the tension in the relationship between The Donald and the security establishment is known, they are frequent the close hunting encounters of the two superpowers, from Alaska to Northern Europe. Fortunately without serious consequences.

The New York Times recalls that During 2019, 20 US troops died in the Afghan conflict, some victims of actions inside bases. Violence and attacks that have raised controversy: how can you talk while shooting and placing bombs?

Finally a note onunit 29155 of the crane. In recent months it has been indicated by Western 007 as the apparatus responsible for clandestine attacks and activities in Europe, including the mission against former agent Sergei Skripal in Great Britain.

June 27, 2020 (change June 27, 2020 | 4:41 pm)


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