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Once again Silvio Berlusconi marks distance from allies. The leader of Forza Italia should write a letter addressed to Corriere della Sera. Here the Cav sends a clear message: we must put aside political prejudices and get out of this emergency together, united. “We need an assumption of responsibility by all subjects – he explains in the letter – who play a public role”, without distinction between majority and opposition. Then the applause of the leader to the Recovery Fund and to the Mes, an example of the former prime minister’s belief that he will go ahead without controversy or war between parties: “These – he reiterates – are all measures for which I personally fought“.

Then the message to the League and to the Brothers of Italy: “Woe if today those aids were dispersed in a thousand streams, to feed a sectoral expenditure – or even clientelism – in search of consensus and not to put the market in a condition to return to function” . Berlusconi’s letter could only make the Pd ears prick up. The government in fact knows very well that Forza Italia’s support is essential, especially if in the majority there is a turncoat like Matteo Renzi, always on the point of leaving, to pull the plug.

And so the reply to the Cav comes directly from Nicola Zingaretti. “And luckily – replies the dem – that I would be the Bolshevik obsessed with the Five Stars… The head of the Italian moderates says you want to sit at the reform table. ” A reasoning that of the blue that tempts the government, given that, “once the phase of the health emergency is closed – it is the reasoning of Zingaretti – a potentially dramatic phase from the social point of view opens. And without politics it does not come out” The anger of the Italians tormented first by the virus and then by the economic crisis has already arisen and who knows what this dialogue with Berlusconi – lets go of a hypothesis the HuffingtonPost – among the implicit points, it has a beautiful “proportional” electoral law, perhaps the main security clause for the country, before anger brings back the suggestion of full powers.

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