Rt remains below 1 but still many active outbreaks


The positive trend of the curve of coronavirus infections continues. No Region, in fact, recorded an RT greater than 1. This is the result of the monitoring of the Ministry of Health-Iss on the indicators for the so-called Phase 2 relating to week between 25 and 31 May.

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Coronavirus Italy, Rt index below 1 in all Regions: data after the reopening of 18
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«Active transmission outbreaks are documented almost all over the peninsula. This finding, which is largely due to the intense screening and investigation of cases with identification and monitoring of close contacts, however highlights how the epidemic of Covid-19 in Italy has not ended ». This is highlighted by the monitoring of the Ministry of Health-ISS on the indicators for the so-called Phase 2 relating to the week between 25 and 31 May.

The times of contagion
Probably many of the cases of Covid-19 reported this week in Italy “contracted the infection 2-3 weeks earlier”, and therefore “during the first phase of reopening, between 4 and 18 May 2020”. This is what is pointed out in the monitoring report edited by the Higher Institute of Health and by the Ministry of Health, which photographs the progress of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus epidemic in the country. Experts link many positive cases of these days to the first reopening phase considered “the time between exposure to the pathogen and the development of symptoms and between these and the diagnosis and subsequent notification”.

The lockdown measures in Italy “have actually allowed a control of SARSCoV-2 infection” but “in some regional situations, a number of new cases reported every week are still high although decreasing” and “this must invite caution in what indicates that in some parts of the country the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 is still relevant “. This was revealed by the Health-Iss Ministry monitoring which requires “rigorous compliance with the measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission such as individual hygiene and physical distancing.

Healthcare not overburdened
“There is a strong improvement in the quality and detail of the data sent by the Regions to the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health and discussed in the Control Room”. Thus the new report on monitoring Covid-19 Ministry of Health-Iss which underlines that “overall the general picture of the transmission and impact of SARS-CoV2 infection in Italy is favorable with a general decrease in the number of cases and a absence of signs of overload of the assistance services “.

The lock-down measures in Italy have effectively allowed a control of SARS-CoV-2 infection on the national territory even in a context of persistent widespread transmission of the virus with a very different incidence in the 21 Regions / PPAA. The situation described in this report, relating mainly to the first transition phase, is overall positive.

There are transmission signals with new outbreaks reported which describe an epidemiologically fluid situation in many Italian regions. This requires strict compliance with the measures necessary to reduce the risk of transmission such as individual hygiene and physical spacing.

It is necessary to maintain the resilience of local services high to continue promoting awareness and compliance of the population, to carry out active research and diagnostic assessment of potential cases, to isolate confirmed cases, to quarantine their close contacts. These actions are essential to control transmission and eventually quickly identify and deal with epidemic outbreaks.

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