Rossella’s “prophecy”: “That’s when Conte will fall”


The majority made up of the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party, Italia Viva and Liberi and equals are far from stable: every day there is no lack of quarrels and conflicts that risk compromising the already precarious stability of the government. The latest case saw Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Minister for Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini clash animatedly over the States-General. At this rate, the Giallorossi executive could fall at any moment. He is convinced of this Carlo Rossella, which is always safer than this scenario: “The government has already printed the expiration date, such as yogurt. And frankly I don’t know if he will eat panettone“And he hopes that he will not eat it, also because he has confessed that he would prefer to have other types of personalities in command of the country and has not hidden a particular esteem for Mario Draghi: “He would be fine with me, as well as many others. Berlusconi and Prodi were skyscrapers. Conte at most is a cottage“.

Indeed, the president of Medusa Film did not use words to criticize harshly the current Prime Minister, who in his judgment makes the Count without the host and therefore “in the end he pays twice“And yet rumors have been circulating for several days that the lawyer is thinking of establishing his own list and some former DCs are even setting up clubs in his support. But now he should focus on Italy’s recovery plan:”How many announcements of “revival plans” did I have to listen to. I remember that in Latin America, every now and then, when a country went to hell, one would get up and announce his rebirth plan. Then nothing and nobody was reborn. This is now also the case in Italy“.

“Here is who defends Conte”

The journalist spoke of a risk for Italian citizens, or a authoritarianism controlled. Therefore fears a Panamanian drift, considering the frequent words used by Conte (“authorize“,”I allow“) and the fact that it involved little Parliament:”The chambers have been barred for too long: he must have been the one to reopen them“And he certainly did not reserve words for honey for Rocco Casalino, spokesperson and chief press officer of the head of the Giallorossi government: “It makes me smile. And I’m surprised at his ability to climb the steps of power. One who starts from Big Brother’s house and goes to do the prime minister’s right arm“.

Finally, in the interview given to The truth, expressed himself on the intrigues of the eavesdropping of Palamara: “It seems to see a Totò movie. However, he is not the first one everyone is looking for on the phone“And he proved right Silvio Berlusconi who in the past had denounced the overwhelming power of a certain judiciary. Just the Knight seems to be more in dialogue with the government – however with all the distinctions of the case – so much so that in the past few hours he has offered a hand to the Prime Minister explaining his intention to contribute to the drafting of the Recovery Fund: “For me he always remains a man who has done and will honor this country. In fact, I would still see it well at Palazzo Chigi“.

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