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Sunday will be a special day, in quotes or maybe not. Because Sunday will mark the anniversary of the first date between Maurizio Sarri and Cristiano Ronaldo. Just when a separation at home seems to be taking place if not an imminent divorce. In the CR7 luxury yacht, on the French Riviera, the Juventus coach just after the official presentation had put the meeting with the Portuguese champion at the top of his list. Toast, smiles, jokes, more English than sketchy Italian. And there has been talk of Juve, of course. But above all of Sarri’s idea of ​​using Ronaldo and how Ronaldo thought he could express himself better. There was also discussion of the hypothesis of a CR7 center forward pure, in his own way, from more or less false nueve. A project that soon slipped into oblivion, few training sessions were enough to understand that Juve could and should change, but around Ronaldo and not together with him. But the agreement was there, if CR7 never asked Max Allegri’s head, he still approved the change, appreciating with curiosity a technician like Sarri. Then, however, something starts to crack.THE FIRST TEAR – In the fall Ronaldo has a knee problem, but he doesn’t want to stop. As per repertoire, he decides if and when to do it. Except that Sarri on a couple of occasions prefers to change it, a little to protect it, a little because it is convinced that it needs more to win the game, as happened against Milan: the motivation lies in the knee, the reaction is typical of those who does not like, CR7 leaves the field in a decidedly controversial way. Then he goes to the national team, plays two games, scores, says he is fine, only before returning he recognizes the knee problem and does not participate in the trip to Bergamo. All apparently finished there, although Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala, privately groomed, react a bit like this to Sarri’s changes and choices.

AND NOW … – The season continues, Juve struggles, Ronaldo often keeps it afloat, always or almost always scores. Lyon’s performance feeds the fire of a crisis, the lockdown cancels it but in the meantime CR7 had decided to stay in Portugal even before Daniele Rugani’s positivity and the interruption of the activity. The activity resumes, Ronaldo is the first of the fugitives to return after Miralem Pjanic, he wants to start again. But against Milan, Sarri puts him back in the middle of the attack, crashing into the AC Milan wall, in a position he doesn’t feel his own and made him understand. In fact, against Napoli the tape rewinds, but there is tension before, during and after the match, Ronaldo’s gaze is a whole program. And in fact the sister’s social post arrives on time, with a lot of mom’s likes: the script is often the same, what Ronaldo thinks and cannot say, is declared without too many filters from his clan. The closer you get to CR7, the more intense the mood is. Then there is always time for flashbacks, but a year after the first date Ronaldo downloaded Sarri.

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