Rome, Zaniolo works again: this time to the nose


ROME – The return to the group, scheduled today, can only begin in full effect from next week. Nicolò Zaniolo today he will start working on some exercises together with his teammates, but between two days will be forced to operate again, this time however to septum nasal. The talent of Rome, now close to the conclusion of the rehabilitation for the breaking of the crusader last January, he will undergo a Wednesday small intervention for to solve hypertrophy of the turbinates and improve in breathing.

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After the operation Zaniolo will have to observe one two-three day stop before going back to field and pick up where he left off. Only from the end of next week the boy will resume training normally with the companions of team, to be ready in the second half of July to take the field again for one race official.

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Rome, Zaniolo is ready to return

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