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The accounts in red, the fear of losing Zaniolo and the never healed wounds of the recent and distant past. The dispute against James Pallotta has re-exploded in these hours in Rome with decidedly exaggerated tones by a group of ultras from the Curva Sud who posted some banners both under the Eur headquarters in Viale Tolstoj and in Trigoria outside Fulvio Bernardini . The first act: “In Rome many pimps have passed … You beat them all”. The second, on the gates of the Giallorossi sports center, is regrettable because in fact it wishes the American president death: “Pallotta, we want to kiss you cold.”

PREVIOUS – A strong contest in the tones, but so far not violent in the facts that started a year ago after the failure to renew to Daniele De Rossi and the farewell as manager of Francesco Totti. In those months, banners had appeared all over the world inviting Pallotta to leave Rome without too much gallantry. Even at the Olimpico every game was marked by the choirs of the Curva against the president who in the last few days has decided to reject Dan Friedkin’s offer (575 million) fueling even more the discontent of a square burned by the lack of trophies for over 10 years. A climate of rebellion that you can breathe in the city but also on social media given that yesterday the club’s profiles were stormed by the fans on the usual diatribe regarding the date of birth: for the Giallorossi leadership it’s June 7, 1927, for the fans on July 22. A week ago Eur had been the scenario of another contestation, which however involved the whole of society: “Pallotta, Baldini and Baldissoni … Rome does not heal with sales” and “If you are unable to protect our champions … Go out of the cog **** i! Pallotta go home! “. The Curva has taken a stance against the company’s policy that could force the club to sell some of its fine pieces (Zaniolo and Pellegrini) in the next market session due to a balance sheet liability never recorded before that could go further 330 million at the end of June.

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