Rome, Petrachi the wrong man: he ends up insulting Pallotta. But the problems remain


For lovers of extreme synthesis: Gianluca Petrachi was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. A few words are enough to describe the last case of the Giallorossi powder keg, where d.s. and coaches expire soon: before President Pallotta exalts them and then packs them. Petrachi, however, went where no one else had dared: he put the complaints in an insulting message and sent it to the boss. Now it can become grounds for dismissal for just cause and has already achieved an unusual result: his suspension from office. Few have seen the message, but a legend from Trigoria says that the final version was also lightened by the hand that helped Petrachi with the Englishman. Yet to get it, in the summer Roma fought with Torino, paying the green light with two young people from Primavera.

As in all divorce cases there are two bells that ring: the d.s. study one lawsuit for mobbing. He would not have been put in a position to work (Do Petrachi, as he modestly says). His defenders say that he would have liked to bring the Sassuolo Boga to Rome and not the Spanish Pedro, who was appreciated by Fonseca. A sensible idea: a 23 year old who is growing and has a low engagement rather than a 33 year old with a great past and 3.5 million net salary per season. The fact that Boga costs 20 million and Pedro on a free transfer.

The problem is managing a budget that will close on June 30 with a three-digit red. It seemed made, pre-Covid, with the sale to Friedkin. A unique opportunity for timing. In order not to blow up dozens of clubs, UEFA has reviewed the parameters of the Financial Fair Play: the 2020 budget, terrible for the effects of the pandemic, will be combined with 2021. UEFA will not calculate the three-year period 2018-2019-2020, punishing deficits over 30 million. There will be a year more to recover and the lost revenue directly linked to Covid-19 can be discounted from the liabilities (missed stadium receipts, reductions in TV rights …).

Friedkin chose silence. It may seem strange to those who have been attacked by Pallotta with an interview that appeared on the website of the listed company. At least if you think that Friedkin is still interested in the purchase, which remains tied to the offer made: 125 million for Pallotta and members at closing, another 52 in six months and 85 in the club’s coffers as a capital increase. Oxygen to support future plans and not to sell Zaniolo and / or Pellegrini.

The next few days could be decisive, even if Pallotta has one last card: the qualification for the Champions League, 40 million which are also the difference between his (demand) and offer (Friedkin). Also for this Petrachi was suspended. He had turned against the players, starting with Dzeko, and irritated Fonseca with the blitz in the locker room. To reassemble Atalanta, all of Rome must row in the same direction. A year ago there was talk of Conte, Sarri or Gasperini for the bench, Icardi or Higuain for the attack. Now everyone feels entitled to make the big voice. Leipzig wants the discount for Schick, Arsenal the exchange at par Kluivert-Mkhitaryan, Juve the one between Rugani and Under. When there is a drop of blood in the sea, sharks arrive …

June 19, 2020 (change June 19, 2020 | 11:28 pm)


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