Rome, Petrachi disappointment. Now a cause is being evaluated


That it would not have been a great loveafter all, he understood quickly, writes Massimo Cecchini on The Gazzetta dello Sport.

For a club that aspires to have an international reach, many in Trigoria – a year ago – seemed as clear as Gianluca’s choice Petrachi were one bridge solution, even if support for him has never been lacking. Nobody in Rome, however, would have expected that the d.s. choose the head-on collision with James Pallotta, a few days before the season starts again.

True that after the market Petrachi he could jump, but why break now? By now at the top they are convincing themselves that the d.s. may have a club behind it. He had made the name of the Fiorentina, but yesterday Joe Barone himself contacted the Giallorossi to say no. At this point, Rome is considering whether to file a layoff for just cause, given that the interview with Sky last week had angered everyone, from the management to the team. Net of lexical and behavioral slips to which the d.s. had accustomed everyone in the last year (the Dzeko case, the gaffe on women with the intervention of Minister Spadafora, the invasions of the locker room without Fonseca’s permission), the company reproaches him above all for a huge growth in self-reference – which has led, among other things, to a cooling off of relationships with the faithful Longo – and the total disappearance during the “lockdown”.

Society denies that there is the possible arrival (or not) of Pedro behind Petrachi’s discussion with Pallotta. In any case, it seems that this morning the sports director will show up in Trigoria for clarification and also not to give extremes to a layoff, without taking the two-year contract he boasts, but the mending will be complicated. At this point, also thanks to the presence of Baldini, the ferryman seems to be Morgan De Sanctis.

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