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Dissatisfied fans and worried about the financial situation and the long run without success. And the date chosen to celebrate the club’s 93 years is controversial

The hard awakening of Roma fans. On the one hand, reading the newspapers, all focused on the difficult financial situation of the club. On the other hand, the official profiles of the company who, with a very emotional video, congratulate Rome: “A city, a team”. In the video there are Totti, Falcao, Losi, Giannini, De Rossi, Di Bartolomei, Dzeko and Zaniolo, but for the Romans it is not enough. June 7 is the official birthday of the club (93 years of history), but this is not the case for the fans. The party of Rome has always been – and forever, according to the vast majority – on 22 July. And for this the comments below the video on social media are very harsh.


Obviously censuring insults, the impression is that the dispute over ownership, which previously involved above all ultrà and the harshest fringes of cheering, has now widened. The fear of losing jewels like Pellegrini and Zaniolo, the twelve years without victories, a president who has not shown up in Rome for two years and a deep red balance have moved the Romans away and are increasingly moving away. Not by the team, but by those who administer and manage it. As a fan on Facebook writes, the question of the date “although for many it is annoying, is relative. What is tragicomic is the absence in the videos of any final victory of this company in perennial red. Not even an Italian cup”. Maybe, many point out, if something had been built “from a sporting point of view we would have celebrated twice”. And again: “Pallotta vattene”, repeated several times, in Italian and English. In summary: today, for Roma fans, is anything but a day of celebration. “Let’s hope – the hope of a fan on a radio – will be more peaceful on July 22 ….”.

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