Rome is worried. Call to Pallotta: “Are you there?”


The brochure Rome it is a pile of sheets, mostly electronic, which tends to travel more casually than a leaf blown by the wind: it ends up in many mailboxes, on many telematic desks, to be examined or at least read. Sometimes it ends up in front of the eyes of very determined and credible subjects, such as Dan Friedkin, in other cases, however, it is studied by companies or groups that are not particularly powerful: this is the case of the company that belongs to Joseph Da Grosa, former president of Bordeaux, not at all esteemed by his former fans, very ambitious in words but not rich enough to satisfy the requests of James Pallotta. Indeed, those who know him describe him as a cabotage speculator inferior to the current patron of Rome. New Yorker born in ’64, he is quoted by Repubblica, will be at best a support entrepreneur, certainly not a buyer.

Pallotta’s request for the sale of Rome

Moreover Pallotta, after refusing Friedkin’s 575 million, will not accept proposals less than 600. He mandated the bank Goldman Sachs to spread the teaser (the aforementioned brochure) all over the world, but does not expect succulent news in the short term. Why the world of football returns to attract qualified investors, you need patience after the fear from Covid. And if Rome in the meantime enters the final straight for the stadium of Tor di Valle, the value of the company will increase greatly. Not surprisingly, the president replied with amused indifference to the latest press reports.

Pallotta’s goal: to sell players but not Zaniolo and Pellegrini

Meanwhile, the month of June is very important for the next developments. On the 30th the financial statements are closed and, just the day before, the shareholders’ meeting will be held during which the chief executive officer Guido Fienga must publicly report on club financial issues. After the half-yearly red from 87 million, prior to the health emergency, Roma cut costs thanks to the renunciation of the players to the salary of March and the willingness to spread the engagements of April, May and June on the next budgets. But it also has turnover Very little, with the competitive activity totally stopped. For this reason, Fienga will have a comparison with the reference shareholder, that is Pallotta, to plan in detail the next season: said that many technical sacrifices will be necessary to bring the losses back to a decent level, the hope is not having to dismantle the team by resorting to the sale of Zaniolo is Pellegrini, cornerstones of present and future.

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Rome, Zaniolo is ready to return

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