Rome, Forza Nuova-ultras demonstration at the Circus Maximus: brawls between demonstrators and attacks on journalists and law enforcement agencies


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Hymns to the Duce, regards Romans, but most of all brawls between protesters is throwing objects and smoke bombs versus journalists is police. This was the result of the event organized at the Circus Maximus in Rome by Forza Nuova and from the group “The boys of Italy”, which they also joined groups of ultras. At the moment i stopped for the unrest they are 8, but the number is expected to rise.

According to a first reconstruction, the trigger for the violence was an interview that Simone Carabella – known in Rome because he changed half a dozen parties, but also because he plunges into the Tiber on New Year’s Eve – he released to some reporters. Availability that did not go to genius to the city manager of Forza Nuova Giuliano Castellino (already sentenced in the past for clashes with the police) who, with the sound of tugging and pushing, interrupted the interview and dragged away Carabella (who had just ensured the peaceful nature of the event). At that point, after a brawl between protesters, everything broke up in the assault on journalists (who on the other hand are an old fascist cue), with throwing glass bottles, objects and firecrackers. Law enforcement officials have pushed the demonstrators to extend the launch also against policemen and carabinieri. The unrest lasted several minutes, then the participants backed away and went down inside the Circus Maximus.

The tension, however, did not go down because the clashes have continued between different groups of demonstrators. The object of contention always interviews with newspapers and tv. “Come here you are ruining everything,” said a protester on the megaphone inviting them to return to the Circus Maximus.

Some groups continued to throw smoke bombs and flagpoles and tried to head towards the municipal rose garden, but they were contained by the police. Among the choirs sung during the event also “duce, duce”. A portion of the lawn on one side of Circo Massimo is also burned due to the smoke.

Currently the situation is almost surreal: the Circus Maximus had been “booked” by Forza Nuova and the other groups until 7 pm, but the event ended because the interventions ran out. However, the participants are stuck inside the basin of the Circus Maximus, surrounded by the police.

The diffidence towards journalists was palpable even before the clashes: “Everything we will say will be censored – a protester said to the reporters, arriving at the Circus Maximus – You can go home. State Journalists “. The whole area is armored by law enforcement. Many protesters wear white shirts, other dark masks and hoods. The leader of Forza Nuova is also in the square Roberto Fiore. “Leave them all,” said one protester from the stage. “Ministers, where were you, where have you been in these months? We came here to ask this question. We have seen politics not giving answers to people and going back and forth from Brussels with a hat in hand. ”

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