Rome, Fonseca: “Curious to live football at a distance. I dream of the championship”


OMA – Step by step Paulo Fonseca he is making all his dreams professional. He himself tells it in an interview with Roma TV, also revealing what his are coming aims: “I have always had the good fortune to be what I wanted. As a boy I dreamed of being a footballer and I was, then I dreamed of being a coach and I became him, I dreamed of coaching a great European club and I train him. On a professional level I feel very fulfilled. Now I dream of winning important trophies, the Champions League or the championship, one of the main European leagues, like the Italian one. More generally I dream of being happy every day, living life in a calm way. For me happiness is to be happy even outside the world of football “.

How was it received?
“In the best way, I had a welcome from the club and the city that surprised me. People have always been affectionate and nice. I am someone who likes to travel around the city, a few days ago I was in the center doing photo. People are always nice, I like to live in the center to savor culture. Being able to go out is important. I always meet very nice people. Everyone made a good impression, treating me very well. This made me love plus living in Rome “.

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Is there a place in Rome that represents it, apart from the supermarket?
“The Trevi fountain is a place where I feel very well. I must say that before coming to Rome I pulled a coin into the fountain for fun, I expressed a dream and it came true. I like the Colosseum, Castel Sant’Angelo , Piazza di Spagna. I like to walk along via del corso, to walk with my family in Villa Borghese. And I live very close to Villa Pamphili “.

Can you ride the Vespa?
“If it has an automatic transmission, yes, I think it can be a romantic challenge. I go around Rome a lot with my wife but on foot, not on a motorbike. I like to experience the most historic places in the city”.

On April 21, on Christmas in Rome, he won the prize for the best interpretation of the hymn.
“I sang very badly, but I think I did it with feeling. It’s one of the few times I’ve sung, but I don’t think I have to do it again. Many think that I play the drums well, but it’s not like that. At the Shakhtar party I they gave drums, I always dreamed of playing an instrument and I could start from there. I started taking online courses, but I can’t accompany the song. I hope to learn more when there is time. At the moment I’m not good enough to accompany a song”.

Rome has a very rich history, made up of emperors, artists, popes. What do you think of the history of this city?
“This city represents history, here in Rome there is no need to enter a museum, the city is full of history and is unique in the world. We cannot dissociate the history of Rome from what Rome is. Something present in everyone us, especially for those who come from outside like me. We are amazed at the history and beauty of this city. Once we arrive it is impossible not to want to discover more of these monuments and history. I inquired about what all this represents for the city and the more I discover, the more I am interested in the history of Rome. It is a unique beauty, I think there are no cities like Rome “.

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He lived here one of the worst periods in world history, the coronavirus.
“I lived this moment with great sadness for those who disappeared and for those who lost someone, then with apprehension for all of us: we faced something unknown, which we were unable to control and we are not even now. But I lived it also with positivity: as far as I’m concerned I lived the period with my family. It is certainly a tragic period that sooner or later we will overcome, but it is a period that can also teach us a lot. The truth is that, without being trivial saying this , from this period we must learn what is really important for our life “.

Together with the club, he helped to help those in greatest difficulty.
“It was very rewarding, the club played an amazing role in this tragic moment and found different ways to help people in these difficult times. It is proof that it is not just a club, as the anthem says: Roma is the heart of the city. I was proud of what Rome did and took part in it. “

During the lockdown, did you focus on many things, did you see TV series?
“I dedicated myself to my son and my wife, but I must confess that I was addicted to Netflix, I like TV series.”

What series are you watching now?
“Ozark, I’m addicted to this now, but it happened with others that I watch as soon as I have a free moment.”

It is also very fashionable, do not miss an oufit, who helps you?
“My wife is a specialist, but I also like her very much. I love clothes, shoes, I am attentive to the latest trends while not following all the fashion news closely. But it is an aspect that I really like, especially shoes” .

Is it more fado or rock?
“I am rock, although in some moments I can be more fado. I am not fond of traditional Portuguese fado, I love rock a lot more. A singer, Marisa, doesn’t really do traditional fado but she is splendid. When I go out from Trigoria I always put the same 3-4 songs and it’s good for me. I listen to a lot of music, especially when I go to Trigoria or go home. “

Let’s talk about the culinary field. Italian cuisine is the best in the world. What is your favorite dish?
“I like pasta, I’m not obsessed with it but I like it very much. I love cheese and pepper, as well as other dishes. But I have a weakness for fish, it’s my favorite food. I often go to restaurants and I always order fish. Or at home, I’m also a good cook. I also know how to iron. “

He is the perfect man. Do you have any flaws?
“It’s that I left home early, I learned to do everything. Cooking is something I like, when I have time I do it willingly, especially Portuguese dishes”.

What do you miss about Portugal?
“Rome has greatly eased the nostalgia I feel for Portugal. The climate is very similar, the character of people also. Obviously I miss friends, family, my beaches, the kitchen. But life here is very reminiscent of that in Portugal” .

Differences between Ukraine and Italy?
“Culturally it is the opposite. People are very different, Latins are influenced by the past. I loved Ukraine and its people, great workers. But there is a huge difference. Living in Ukraine was unique. The the weather is very cold, it often snows. The adaptation was not easy, but over time I got used to it. Kiev is fantastic, I received a lot of affection. There I met my wife and I had my youngest son. Ukraine is part of my life”.

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Are the Ukrainians cold?
“At the beginning they are not very open, but when you know them they are honest and affectionate. We Latins at the first contact notice people who are not open like here, but knowing them you discover that they are very friendly people.”

The championship is starting again. The return will be different with the protocols to follow, what has changed for you?
“So many things, from preparation to the way of living the dressing room, everything is different. Rome was truly exemplary in this situation, following all the indications of the protocol, from the division in the respective rooms, to eating separately. We are practically together only in the field to train, you pay attention to everything. Imagine what it means not to embrace during a game. They are things that at times strengthen you, have an emotional importance. All this will not be there, I am curious to live this moment of greater distance. A difficult distance to keep in football: it is difficult not to have contacts, not to hug each other, not to compliment opponents or referees. I have already played without an audience, it is terrible not to have the fans: it is something that changes a game, makes it sadder and less emotional. All the more here in Rome, where the Curva Sud always supports us in such a warm way, giving important support to the team. n we can count on the strength that the fans give us in complicated moments. It will be difficult to live this period away from our fans who live the team with such passion “.

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