Rome, DaGrosa appears: “My City model club”


ROME – Around the world. With the deal between Pallotta-Friedkin now gone (definitively?) after the no of the Giallorossi president to the offer from 575 million of the Califor-Texan tycoon, lto brochure (in jargon teaser) of four pages that illustrates to potential investors the advantages in investing in the world Rome is doing around the world. James Pallotta has mandated the Goldman Sachs investment bank to find a new buyer. A partner majority or minority doesn’t matter as long as you inject liquid into the club to try and stop (or slow down) the bleeding of the yellow and red boxes.

Rome, that’s who DaGrosa is

According to some rumors, the Rome dossier also ended up in the hands of Joseph DaGrosa, former owner of the Bordeaux which he bought for 114 million in 2018 together with the King Street company, to which he then sold the shares in December. There are no ongoing negotiations with the businessman (who runs a private equity fund, the General American Capital Partners of Miami), but the famous brochure is over on his table and he is analyzing. Because the name Rome is always charming, and why this club could help him to carry on his strategy investment and enhancement of clubs.

Rome between the USA and the Middle East: Pallotta is looking for a new buyer

Dagrosa indeed has a project ambitious: create a network of companies modeled on the City Football Group (the holding company that controls Manchester City and New York City, among others) in which to bring together the control of various companies and to rotate young people to resell at higher prices.

After the nuanced deal to buy Newcastle, Dagrosa is aiming for a new one investment: “We are not looking at one of the top clubs, if only for a cost talk, but there are others that seem very interesting – his statements to “Shields Gazette” -. There are also lenders who now actually find club owners who are poorly equipped to manage them, so they are busy trying to figure out what to do. This gives rise to an opportunity to provide liquidity to the world of football and from our point of view it is an opportunity to buy clubs at a discount. And there is probably an even greater chance of getting some great players at lower prices than usual “.

Rome, DaGrosa’s Manchester City-style project

But what does the project much ambitious by DaGrosa? “There really is a great opportunity to build a platform similar to City Football Group, in a much shorter period of time and at a much lower cost. They did a great job, but the effect of COVID-19 led to possibilities that didn’t exist. We think it is a great model, but we are at a time when we think the same thing can be done in less time and at a lower price. We would like to have our first club by September or October, ”continues Da Grosa. “It depends on the timing of the summer market window, because it is difficult to buy a club during the transfer market. I think that within 12 months we will have easily completed phase one: an anchor club, a satellite club and three academies. For the second phase, which includes four other satellite clubs and six academies, it will take another 12 months “.

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