Rome, Cristante punches the robbers who wanted to steal the Rolex: smashed visor and escape


RApina a Cristante

Latest football – Colleagues from today’s edition of Republic reconstruct the story of the robbery attempted in Bryan Cristante yesterday afternoon:

“At the tail of the Porsche Cayenne, they followed him for a few meters. Then, with the red light they approached trying to pull the Rolex from his wrist. But Bryan Cristante, yellow and red midfielder, reacted: he tugged one of the bandits with one hand while with the other he launched two violent punches against the visor. So the 25 year old Friulian put to flight the two bandits who escaped aboard an XMax scooter. The attempted robbery took place yesterday shortly after twelve along Viale Angelico, in Prati district. The men in a police owl car noticed the scene and, after rescuing the footballer, who suffered no injuries, the bandit hunt took off. The investigators then viewed the images of the security cameras. hours the frames will be analyzed: each element will be decisive to trace the identity of the fugitives “.

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