Rome, Covid award to health workers halved by taxes. Protests also from the Castelli hospitals


ROME (news) – The payroll reward was for all staff who during the emergency were highly exposed to the risk of contagion from Covid-19

We publish a note of the union USB Public Employment – Health on the so-called “Covid prize” reserved for health personnel engaged in the ward during the emergency for the infection with Coronavirus in recent months. Trade unionists complain that the thousand euro prize is actually cut in half due to excessive taxation. Complaints also come from the health personnel operating in the hospital of the Castelli Romani.

“After so much demagoguery, after the cloying rhetoric of the” heroes “, the commitments and the promises, once again reveals the total lack of respect towards the staff of the Health Service who, incensed and flattered while managing without security and without PPE emergency, is again disappointed in expectations and is promptly thrown back into oblivion.

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The poisoned fruits, the contradictions and the opacities of the regional agreements signed by CGIL, CISL and UIL regarding the so-called “Covid prize”, that is the economic premiums destined for workers who in the period of the pandemic emergency were more exposed to the danger of contagion, they are showing themselves for what they are, as time passes and that these agreements are applied: a fraud.

And in this return to the sad and dangerous pre-Covid normality it happens that in Lazio the much-vaunted 1000 euro prize becomes, after robust taxation, 520 in the pay packet. And it happens that in Tuscany the sum allocated by the agreement between the Region and unions, is insufficient to the point of blocking the disbursement to workers pending that the counts are logically reduced. But not only that, also the additional services, that is the overtime paid in a higher way, carried out during the Covid emergency and for this reason increased, are gross of the so-called “reflected charges” that is the IRAP which should be in charge of the Healthcare companies and so the nurse, the Healthcare Worker, the Healthcare Technician find themselves rewarded for their commitment with double taxation.

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And the same thing happens in Lombardy where even to try to mask the fraud, with the most classic three-card game, the reflected costs are paid by the Companies, but with the money allocated by the government and destined to increase contractual funds, that is, with the money of the workers themselves. A real scam (watch our explanation video on the topic

Unfortunately, all this was widely foreseeable, as it was foreseeable that the Regions were moving in scattered order both on the method of disbursement of the premium and as regards the amounts allocated, in some dramatically insufficient as in the Marche in others, even more dramatically, there is trace of chords. It is another of the many weaknesses and distortions produced by the regionalization of health. For these reasons, we immediately declared our opposition to these modalities by asking, that everything was managed by the Minister of Health and that the “compensation”, because, vulgarly, this is what it was, was the same throughout Italy for 30,000 infected and hundreds of deaths among healthcare workers and social workers.

Another reason that reinforces our determination and the reasons why we called a national strike for female and public and private health workers and the third sector on July 2 with a demonstration in Rome in front of Montecitorio “.

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